Why is Prime Shipping Delayed? | Amazon Shipping Delayed | Amazon Prime Shipping Delays

What other normal services that you use are being impacted by Covid-19?
This tee helps me buy a hot tub for the quarantine:

Day 11 of my voluntary self-quarantine for possibly being exposed to COVID-19 while on spring break in California. In this video, I give an answer to “Why Prime Shipping is Delay?” You may have noticed that after placing your most recent Amazon Prime order that shipping times have been changed from the normal two day delivery to up to a month. These Amazon Prime shipping delays are attributed to the mass influx of demand to e-retailer Amazon during this Pandemic. People being stuck inside leads to an increase in online shopping and a lack of workers. To help ensure people get the essentials, Amazon has belaying the shipping of non-essential items to ensure that the essential items are being delivered in a timely manner.

This choice by Amazon causes independent FBA sellers to suffer. Also, consumers are left to look at alternatives if they want things in a timely manner. I talk about how the consumer can combat these delayed shipping times by ordering from independent (non-warehouse) Amazon sellers or other retailers.

Below you will find the articles I mentioned throughout the video:

The New York Time – Slow Internet Article:
Business Insider – Amazon is pushing back delivery dates for nonessential orders:
Amazon – Amazon’s COVID-19 blog: How we are supporting our employees, customers, and communities:
CNBC – Amazon says it is out of stock of household items and deliveries are delayed due to coronavirus demand:
Good House Keeping – Is Amazon Suspending Shipments? The Company’s New Policy Only Affects Warehouse Orders:
VOX – Amazon says it unintentionally hid some competitors’ faster delivery options:
WIRED – Amazon’s New ‘Essential Items’ Policy Is Devastating Sellers:


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22 thoughts on “Why is Prime Shipping Delayed? | Amazon Shipping Delayed | Amazon Prime Shipping Delays

  1. Amazon is also very expensive since I saw a small LEGO pack for over 100 bucks while I could just go to target and get it for 20 bucks

  2. It is best to quit prime. Everything takes a month Prime or no-prime. Amazon can't figure it out.
    They are F*cked.

  3. Yup I’m having the same problems. Trust me I’m no Karen, but I’m spending my own money to get prime shipping, which they’re just pocketing. I’m specifically pissed about that since in only 16, it’s not like I have crazy cash flow. Sure I understand a bit of delay, but not a full month. Also most of the time they give me one date and extend it later. Just sucks

  4. Fast forward… I ordered a drill press May 3rd the date now is May 26th what was expected May 19th… I've emailed them 2 times with no replies back from them yet except when I click on my item it says your parcel may be lost! parcels are rarely this late and we're sorry it still hasn't arrived…. okay that's some feedback only problem I'm having now is I want to cancel with no available option and I'm getting no replies from the seller 😜

  5. I gave up and canceled my account I've learned prime video with my firestick is not that important why keep paying something your nit getting.

  6. I ordered a $300 item.3 weeks ago and its yet to even ship out…gotta get those middle class blogger moms that are too lazy to go to a store that"essential" toilet paper like your gonna die without it or can't find anything else. Will never buy anything from Amazon agian even after carona virus . prioritizing an order of something that costs 20 dollers max is not good. Can't even call or email customer service. Take my money but not send me the item…I'm pretty sure if I did that id be in jail. This is like some corporate commander shit from the angry joe show "FUCK YOU GIMME MONEY"

  7. amazon are taking the piss. even a small in ear headphone took over a week when i was expecting it within 3 days and im paying the prime charge

  8. Yea man I was like damn my shit is taking forever so I searched on youtube cause there's always answers here lol.

  9. How was shipping from other countries affected? Because I bought a Japanese game on March 28th and it said it would come in April. Now it's May.

  10. My Xbox power brick said arriving by 9pm yesterday didn’t show up but I checked again it said package not shipped yet got delayed but is it still gonna come?

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