In this video, we check out all the new features contained in the most recent update of Profile Builder SketchUp. Profile Builder 3 contains lots of new tools and features designed to help you create smart profiles within SketchUp!

Profile Builder 3 –
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1. Build Along Multiple Paths – Profile builder now allows you the ability to extrude profiles along multiple different paths at one time.
2. Build Discontinous – This allows you to set your joints where objects turn as individual objects, rather than just one continuous object. In addition, you can adjust whether the profile follows around the curve, or if it starts a new profile at the junctions.
3. Auto Assembler – Auto Assemble will try to create an assembly based on an example object you’ve drawn
4. Span Assemblies – spans are basically assemblies that are anchored between adjacent component parts. This allows sag, curve, etc
5. Hole Tool! – This tool allows you to cut holes in profiles you’ve created. This is a much awaited feature in Profile Builder – previously, you had to do this using an extension like doublecut.
6. Set Height of Assemblies – You can now adjust the height of various assemblies simply by entering a new value in the height box in the Assembly dialog, allowing quick height adjustments.
7. Live Profile Editing – This option allows you to select a profile, then adjust it so that all instances adjust automatically without you having to go back and adjust them individually.
8. Split/Edit Complex Members – Allows you to split different parts of extruded profiles into their own objects

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21 thoughts on “WHAT'S NEW IN PROFILE BUILDER 3 for SketchUp?

  1. Kripya Sar Mujhe yah bataiye Mera Bhai Samne Hai 31 Piche aur ek Kone 41 1070 se is plant Mein Kaise Ghar Banaya Jaaye crunch nikal Jaaye kripya Anurodh karke mujhe bataiye

  2. Hi! do you plan on doing a video for basic framing with Profile Builder 3? It seems a bit different with the new update one and I'm having soooo much trouble 🙁

  3. Can “profile builer” be suitable for making glass curtain profiles?
    My computer reacted very slowly when I was using it while the system was generating it.

  4. Just got PB3 and this video really helped me..! I want to create a concrete block wall showing mortar joints but not sure how to proceed. What would be the profile, and can one block become a component? Thank you in advance… great job!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Profile builder makes short work of carved cornices and crowns, as well as ornate picture frames. See https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/9234f98c-0f20-4371-bb96-78b0b8383534/moldings-crowns-cornices-props for manual techniques where copies of components and corner joints can be time consuming.

  6. Justin, I asked you once about this. I downloaded a FoxBlocks skp image. Of course when I want to make a foundation using the blocks, sometimes I need to trim the component from 4' to a random length. Do any of the profile builder tools allow you to trim a component? I might ask the Profile Builder guys too. Thanks. Love your instruction.

  7. all the features are awsomeeeeee.!!!!! but why why they split the plugin in two parts the quantefier now is separated? the quantifier is the main reason for a bim plugins… this really sucks :S

  8. Super improvements on an already amazing extension. Thanks for the review/preview. Looking forward to the upcoming tutorials! The hole puncher feature and auto assemble are mega improvements as is live profile edit. It just fits the Sketchup ethos of keeping creativity at the fore, not the technicalities of drafting and design. Love it. Do you have a resource for good assemblies we can download? Thanks.

  9. thanks for the over view Justin looking forward to the in depth vids on the new functions, I take it that there is no updates to the existing PB, you have to buy a new one?

  10. I never used this extension, but it is interesting. So question is, can we input measurement unit in cm instead inches, or to put in another way can we use metric system?

  11. Wow, these are significant improvements to an already impressive extension…thanks for sharing!

    Does the cut tool work on any group or component, or only assemblies created in PB?

  12. Good job, Justin – The adjust Height tool is interesting because it adds a distance to the center of the Profile. So you have Profiles on the top, all of them will be moved accordingly.

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