Trying to Learn How to Play the Ninjago Season 13 Board Game – New Summer 2020 Ninjago Sets

In this video, I attempt to learn how to play the Ninjago Season 13 Board game! The board game is constructed using the Summer 2020 Ninjago sets, based on the upcoming Season 13 of Ninjago, MoM. I try to interpret what the board game rules are based on the paper that comes in the box. If you have your own idea of how the game is played, let me know in the comments!

Sets featured in this video are:

71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons
71722 Skull Sourcerer’s Dungeon
71721 Skull Sourcerer’s Dragon
71719 Zane’s Mino Creature

These sets were sent to me by The LEGO Group through The LEGO Ambassador Network, but all opinions are my own.

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22 thoughts on “Trying to Learn How to Play the Ninjago Season 13 Board Game – New Summer 2020 Ninjago Sets

  1. The ninja characters will probably start in the middle of the map (Cole Logo). The goal of the game is probably to visit all the 4 connected sets (and collect the new white/black swords) while avoiding hazards on the map at the same time.

  2. I think, i will Connect the Sets and play the game with my own Rules and the Rules from the rule Sheet.
    Sorry for my Bad english, i'm german

  3. instructions for the map:

  4. I think that you start at the first arrow if ur playing by urself but if there’s more than one u can chose which quest to take and you need to get all the swords and save characters before you go to the skull sorcerer and u use the weapons to defeat him/her

  5. It's a bit fail for Lego not giving clear written instructions. Comes across like they haven't yet decided on the rules.

  6. Could you Play the Board Game in a longer video, when you learn how It works.
    (Sorry, i'm German, Not english or american)

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