Three Random SCP Games – SCP-002, SCP-022, SCP-432

SCP-002 –
Game –

SCP-022 –
Game –

SCP-432 –
Game –


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49 thoughts on “Three Random SCP Games – SCP-002, SCP-022, SCP-432

  1. Welcome to another comment of jeffery
    “Hey Jeffery go in that ‘living’ room”
    gunshot sounds
    “Will you go in now?”
    “Still meh”
    jeffery then got rekt

  2. "Go into the containment chamber or you will be fired on"
    Proceeds to not give a second to realize you are literally in the containment chamber already when they shoot you

  3. I swear to God this scp-432 man has no idea what a flashlight is for. Or my man is looking for fucking mushrooms, I don't know

  4. And then god said let there be 7 and half minutes of somebody walking around in total fucking darkness (Seriously i can't seE ANYTHING in the 432 game,)

  5. The first game is seriously lacking in voice acting. It really cant be that hard to find a decent voice actor can it?

  6. Scp-002 game was too dark and the voice sounded like the guy from WatchMojo or any generic top 10 youtuber.
    SCP-022 game didn't reflect the article at all.
    SCP-432 was lazy and ass. Reusing assets that could easily be original ones, since the SCP article gives you freedom to think of a predator. No… Instead use the generic smile from the first from SCP 087-b.
    I'm disappointed. Either way, nice of you to show us these Nephero.

  7. HMMMM
    A Room completely made out of human substances like bone and flesh and if you go in it you die?

    Yeah the scp foundation should stop sending personell in there because you just become part of this scp.

  8. Talking about SCP games i have few:

    SCP russian roulette
    6 player with SCP-173 and a lightswitch

    SCP dragrace
    1 player in car with SCP-096 poster inside

    SCP peek-a-boo
    Serveral player with SCP-173 or SCP-096

    SCP deadpool
    Serveral player betting which
    d-class personel is gonna die first or last everytime test is conducted

  9. "Stay inside the barr-"
    Nepheron: violently shaking head in rage after 2nd try
    Lowkey that actually scared me though

  10. MTF: Subject, enter the Containment Chamber, or you will be Terminated.

    Class-D: Alright, alright! I'm goi-

    MTF shoot Class-D.

    Class-D: What…t-the Hell… I was…going in…Ass…Holes…

    Class-D Dies.

  11. i think the person who made 022 just that it was a morgue and that was it. cuz you cant escape 022. humans go in and die, becoming 022-1

  12. I wish they had a SCP-184 (The Architect) game where you were apart of MTF Zeta 9 Mole Rats and you were exploring some building that had been affected by 184 for a long time and you get lost and have to find a way out or survive.

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