The Wind Brahmin at Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch – Fallout New Vegas Lore

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41 thoughts on “The Wind Brahmin at Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch – Fallout New Vegas Lore

  1. Everything is good , the story telling , narration , … But can you normalize the volume of your fire arms … That's kind of irritating

  2. Doggies, pronounced as doe instead of daw, was a common name for cattle during the cattle drives of the wild west. You can also hear this in the Roy Roger's song cover of Whoopee Ti Yi Yo.

  3. When he called them Dogies he wasn’t confused. It’s an old slang term for cattle. In fact there’s an old country song called Get along little Dogies(1940) by Roy Rogers.

  4. Since fallout has gone to shit with the release of 76 (sucks to say because I’ve grown up on the fallout games) you should do rdr2 it definitely would have to be a different type of lore video but it can certainly be done just a thought though

  5. I once had a tumbleweed glitched and unmoving outside Novac. My favorite thing about it is if you manage to climb on top of a glitched tumbleweed it makes a metal floor sound.

  6. Guys I need help I’m torn between the dlcs comment which one I should get ( I already have the gun runner)

  7. When exploring the wind brahmin farm I never found him so I headed left, and if you head left with the wild wasteland perk, you can see a reference to fallout 3's crashed alien. Just an idea for your next video on fallout new Vegas ox.

  8. wow i have put hundreds
    ya hours into this game very thoroughly exploring every inch of the mojave but I had no idea about wind brahmin! thanks ox! this is why i love ya

  9. I remember the wiki saying that all the items are actually set to be owned by the tumbleweeds. I don’t know if that’s true though or if the wiki still says that

  10. Ha! Haven't been there yet. Yes, I'm just now playing Fallout New Vegas. At 53 I had other things to do previously but can now settle down to some gaming and catch up on all the stuff I missed. Eventually I'll get to 76 and am really looking forward to Outer Worlds coming out of Obsidian. Merry Christmas Oxhorn!

  11. Hey Ox i have an idea , maybe u can start a lore series on New California after chrismas it has interesting content , sadly its not cannon

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