The Game – Hard Liquor ft. Dr. Dre (Explicit)

The Game – Hard Liquor ft. Dr. Dre

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The Game Performing ”Hard Liquor” Featurimg Dr. Dre

Produced By Dr. Dre


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45 thoughts on “The Game – Hard Liquor ft. Dr. Dre (Explicit)

  1. Thaiit heroin fresh tear the brain it goiit no plastic before I ether put ur radios in the hole ballers wrapped up like nothing fuiehck nigga see the booiik go in when this shit over chica finish running ur mouth

  2. The real question is why isn’t this song on any other platform besides here shits been slapping since day one 🔥

  3. Don't have to look up the credits on this one, got dre's signature sound written all over the beat. Game never fails to deliver when he collabs with his og mentor

  4. Ξέρει κανείς ένα ελληνικό με αυτό το beat που στο ρεφρέν λέει "πλάκα πλάκα το γαγησατε ρε σεις στην Ελλάδα τόσοι χιλιάδες mc's";;

  5. First heard this in a Whoo Kid mixtape like 10 years ago, if not longer. Still sounds fresher than 90% of stuff today. I’m so glad I came upon the 90s

  6. I wish I can actually catch someone pushing that dislaike button so I can smack the fuck out of em with a full five fingers

  7. So much bKloodshed when this album came out…slobK niggaz had they turn when 50 came out wit his album.

  8. Man I remember I bumped this on my psp in my 4th grade class and the teacher sent to the principals office and I got suspended 😂 damn time flies

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