The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This (Lyric)

The Chainsmokers debut album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ is out now!
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DIRECTOR: James Zwadlo // (Instagram: jzwadlo)
PRODUCERS: Ariyan Samarbaksh & James Zwadlo

EDITORS – James Zwadlo
COMPOSITING – James Zwadlo

James Zwadlo (Lead)
Elliot Howard
David Byrne
Max Italiaander
Ned Jackson
Abi Tomasiewicz
John Matta
Max Volt Productions

Produced by:
Whitecoat –
Impossible Brief –

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48 thoughts on “The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This (Lyric)

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  2. Also why does this song wanna make me cry, I guess its because 3rd grade was a very good and memorable grade, I made friends with a kid who is now considered a cool kid and I made some other friends, I remember listening to this song before the last day of 3rd grade, this song describes the end of 3rd grade for me.

  3. wtf why am I feeling nostalgic, oh I know why it is because by teacher would always play this song in 3rd grade duh

  4. Yesss bigg yess tonight …
    Yeeaah.. Crying listening laughing
    Bless you guys….. I am not alone..
    Tnx big J.

  5. I’m only 9 and I want a love life or at least anime people and powers to be real 😔😔 who else?? Any of my weeks out there

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