TERA in 2020 | Is It Worth Playing?

TERA released back in 2012 in North America with a lot of hype surrounding it as Bluehole/En Masse claimed it to be “the first MMO with true action combat”. Almost eight years later and the game is still kicking in its free to play state, new classes, and also being on consoles. Over the years a lot of MMOs have come and went but TERA has been able to stay afloat so what is it about TERA that makes the game worthy of playing? If, it is even worthy of playing in 2020. Well, I jump in and explore the PvE, PvP, leveling process, and the endgame. Unfortunately I was never able to do a battleground after queueing three times and waiting all three for over twenty minutes so I am not sure if that is normal or just because I queued early in the morning. Nonetheless let us explore the world of TERA in 2020!

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22 thoughts on “TERA in 2020 | Is It Worth Playing?

  1. Does early/starting level PVE have decent difficulty or is the difficulty solely in the end game like Vindictus now?

  2. Brainless company and brainless eu publisher ruined the game since 2014.MCHM era could be still golden age for tera.After reaper patch,they started to nerf everything you get from pvp and also pve.With +15 RNG shitfest,basically they fuc.ed up this game.Removal of mwa is another case.Adding shit ton of retarded materials for enchanting,advance skills,EP,rng upgrade,making pve set better than pvp set blablabla.Countless problems still going on.People were giving advices,complains about some issues,trying to reach both publisher and developers.All they hear is "WE DONT GİVE A FUK".I was playing in arcadia was leader of best pvp guild Spankalicious.We left,because there was nothing to do.The end game content doesnt mean "full grind pve,p2w cash shop" etc.The end game content must be pvp for all games.If u are watching another game streams,popular ones are about "pvp" all the time.When i checking tera streams,the best one doesnt even have 40+ viever.And all streams are full of pve.Sorry but this game is dead AF.If u dont believe me,just start playing again.U will leave after 1 week or less.

  3. Shitty lore, creepy Elin players, gender locked classes, decent graphics, lousy optimization, fun combat, terrible sound, crap pvp, crap crafting, generous ftp model. Pretty much a 6/10 game.

  4. Honestly, if any dev studio and publisher would replicate this combat system in a newer engine, optimize it, bring back pvp and fix the issues that caused this game to be unplayable without proxy, they would cash out so hard.

  5. most beatiful game i ever playd..Realy sexy characters/fashion… Worste company and worste rates and always against player nerfs.. Infinite farm with no satisfaction.. This coming from a Kaia +14 main with full gold pets …I was free to play but i farmed my pay 2 win status.. Farming like crazy for 17 hours a day helps… But still frustrating as hell. Awesome game ruined by greedy /unfair company. Overall : Big No.

  6. i wish a game called fallen earth could have another chance(its pretty much fallout online, but imo better then 76, least it used to be) but sadly the company who made it gave up on it, so now the only ones who keep it going are a group of mods and now unless you have a super computer, you cant run it

    yes it had some problems, but i cant think of a single mmorpg game that doesnt

  7. I miss my Valkyrie, Gunner, and Ninja 😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I miss playing solo with my Hot Valkyrie

  8. After 2 years away from this game i come back to see:
    Lots of gender lock classes,the game economia is crazy right now people asking for 1.000.000 + gold for items
    I stay 20 minutes on matchmaking to get a party for a dg and din't get a party.
    I'm done with Tera,i would try again if they ad male gunner,but i don't think this gonna happen.

  9. Game is almost dead on Xbox. Tried the game, got to lvl 54. Couldnt find a group for anything. Tried to ask for help in world chat… got bashed for not knowing what to do. Definitely cash store heavy!!! If you like a solo mmo, this is the game for you (on xbox). If you looking for a social mmo… keep looking. Loved the game, but the lack of community is disheartening.

  10. Best game ever made, put 10k into it, loved the time i spent, best pvp EVER. Alliance was OUTSTANDING and socializing was OUTSTANDING.
    Post brawler patch it can rot

  11. I also got to level 65 and waited for hours to never get into BGs.
    Is pvp dead or am I missing something?

  12. i tried to play this game a few days ago and just couldnt. it was DEAD couldnt get any group content, no one in most of the instances i was in. friend made the point that its more active at endgame. well if the game is empty as a noob, thats a huge turn off, that just tells me that its not bringing in new players constantly like ESO, Final Fantasy, black desert, etc. therefore no future in the game when og players get bored. not to mention versatility, should just change the games name to Elin. speaking from trying the game on PC NA

  13. I'm a closed beta veteran and unfortunately this game is beautiful and has so much potential however their management has pretty much given up on properly optimizing the game and taking the time to make the game truly one of a kind. I feel like if they shut the game down for a solid month or however much they need take the time to optimize the game properly so someone with a top gaming pc with an overclock and liquid cooler isn't getting a minimum of 60fps …. this game could truly be SOMETHING great.

  14. The game did use to have a very enjoyable levelling experience. Sadly all this has been removed from the game. You basically now carry out the quite moronic and boring story quests and shoot thro everything. You are gifted weapons and gear all the way to 65. The level 60 to 65 story is truly magical and if you run it to the quest lines will conclude with the last scene and you hitting 65. Sadly that is where the problems start. There is no real content for open world questing and or story beyond that. I levelled to 70 over a number of months draining anything I could from this game. Trust me when I tell you that the daily quests then gave on average 2.7% of your XP needed to level one level each day. So just do the maths. Now it is worse. They have removed all the daily quests and loaded up the Vanguard that now gives XP. Sadly the killing 300 big mobs a day and doing all the dungeons will net you just 3% of your XP for a given level. They have given a healthy reward for some of the most boring quests in any game that will give you a lift to 67.5 but after that you are on your own. Dungeons are the only way forward and as someone said to me in game, they only release content that can seriously make them money.

    Also they merged nearly all the servers and I once had to delete over half my characters and I had 17 at the time. All characters has had oodles of money spent on them, but I was given no choice. I have to say that was when I turned my back on the game. However I came back and tried again and then hit the roadblock that is Level 65. If you are looking for an interesting game on a Warcraft footing then it really has all been drained from this game. Basic questing does not earn any XP. Story quests do. They have now removed all daily quests from the game other than Vanguard repeats which basically means killing a 100 of something or doing the same dreary dungeons each day which you can pea shoot your way thro. The one dungeon takes me just one ( that is 1 ) attack and I am done. I get to do it twice a day. How is that fun.

    If you like playing and dressing up your character and gearing and doing dungeons then its OK I guess. But if you want a serious story line and meaningful questing that leads you through a sound and fulfilling levelling experience then forget it. The zones are beautiful but they have no purpose. The combat is great but after the awakening quest becomes redundant in favour of your new skills. There is just no comparison in damage you can do. So all that you trained to do becomes pretty pointless. I loved my chained skills as a Mystic but in a fight I now just round em up and trigger the wrath. Sad cus combat did use to be great, bit like Justicar in Rift.

    One last thing and it is this… get use to the term billion cus the XP needed to get from 69 to 70 is ( wait for it ) 40 billion . Before the last round of changes a quest on average gave you 0.12% for completing a quest. That is the amount you achieve to get to 100% of a level. You just couldn't see the XP bar move. However they have now removed all quests and give you the option to kill 100 of a given mob that nets you say 65 to 90 million XP. Sounds a lot till you divide that into the billions you need. It is soul destroying for a casual player looking for a fun questing , exploration and immersive game ( which Tera was ). Now its just a fun costume dungeon fest. Nothing else.

    Is Tera worth playing in 2020…. For free probably marginal as you are going to need to shell out cash to get anywhere. Saying that I got to 70 and had nothing to do. I was given no massive reward other than one more pretty useless awakening skill. No real new quests and no real new challenges. Just fishing. Sad really but hey.

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