Tera Harrowhold 30 man Raid Phase 4 Lancer (First clear)

This was probably the most honorable challenging experience I have ever gone through in Tera, my First clear for Harrowhold 30 man raid phase 4 (Dec. 4th, 2016). This was also AV’s first group to clear as well. I made a lot of mistakes like dying to fire walls and while having aggro, it’s not good to go too far from boss. Sowie about the wide camera view at that time. Somehow I ended up getting 5 stacks on aggro I think due to aggro bug. Things got a little weird there at the end, such as the dragon turning and we managed to stay calm and work it out. Also my ping wasn’t as great :c

I thank the friends from Independent Guild for letting me be a part of this honorable experience 🙂

Server: Ascension Valley

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36 thoughts on “Tera Harrowhold 30 man Raid Phase 4 Lancer (First clear)

  1. I guess trying to evade and things like that are completely useless in here? lol. Ridiculous. And whats the fuzz about killing this monster? do you get free cookies? lol. Also how in hell did you do to gather 30 people?? because these days its impossible to even gather 10 lol, 30 must be an impossible task. Anyways, terrible fight. I hate monsters so big that you cant even see your own character because you need to zoom all the way out. But i guess people love to smash buttons senseless and just see tiny special effects in the screen far before trying to actually get fun lol.

  2. Did I get too pampered with guild wars 2 raids, final fantasy xiv raids and monster hunter world mechanics? Or is Tera just showing it's age as a game?

  3. DUDE THATS SO SICK im only a level 28 brawler and a level 20 priest!! I'm trying to get the free slot so i can get slayer or lancer! YOUR TEAM DID SO WELL

  4. I hoped mmo dungeon bosses would adapt the "log horizon" mechanics. Where the boss targets specific targets depending on damage delt, heals done, buffs cast etc……

  5. i’m new to this game and it looks fun so if anyone would like to play on ps4 and has a mic and would be willing to help me out add me my username is jay2cay

  6. I am a hardcore WoW player. I am looking for other MMOs, heard about Tera, what are the raid bosses like, here ? Are there any hard bosses like the lich king or ragnaros or something ? Raid bosses requiring split second decisions and insane coordinations ??

  7. Ive heard that Tera died out and that you cant queue with ppl for dungeons. Is that still the case or tings changed? I would love to play this game

  8. He looks so cool I’d love him as a mount or pet haha, dragons prophet allows for some really cool looking dragons, but nothing quiet like this. Puts my GW2 mount skins to shame XD.

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