std::priority_queue In C++ | STL C++

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In this video we will learn about std::priority_queue in C++ STL.

0. std::priority_queue is a container adaptor that provides constant time lookup of the
largest OR smallest element.
1. By default std::vector is the container used inside.
2. Cost of insertion and extraction is logarithmic.
3. std::priority_queue is implemented using std::make_heap, std::push_heap, std::pop_heap functions.

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12 thoughts on “std::priority_queue In C++ | STL C++

  1. JAJAJA buen tutorial, hablas muy rapido amigo, y como no se muy bien ingles tuve que realentizar el video xd, pero aun asi buena explicación

  2. Your videos explained with code is really helpful!! thankzz a lot…Best wishes to you and keep doing the good work!!!!!!!

  3. Wow..this was exactly I was stuck in for a day to understand…made it really In lucid language and easy to understand…thanks a lot

  4. I love your videos.and i started programming last year..Can u make a video on how to use cpp for competitive programming.that will be very helpful..or recommend questions on stl topics and data structures.for practice.🙏🙏

  5. I have watched and liked most of the videos on your channel and i can say by far. You're one of the best teachers when it comes to competitive coding. Is it possible to have a playlist on "Design and Analysis of Algorithms in C++"?

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