Solar Empire vs Anglo Isles Nintendo Wii RTS Game Battalion Wars 2

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14 thoughts on “Solar Empire vs Anglo Isles Nintendo Wii RTS Game Battalion Wars 2

  1. I have created a battalion wars amino so all fans can gather together and talk about these amazing games. If you have amino type in battalion wars and you should find it. Thanks and enjoy!

  2. If anyone remembers spending an hour just to get the controller to work and use all the controls like this comment pls.

  3. I still have this in a drawer even though I dont have a Wii anymore just cause this was my favorite game.

  4. Solar Empire Kamikaze ends a brutal regime while the empress watches her soldiers commit suicide from afar.

  5. Holy cow, people still playing this? Good on you!

    Also, this and the regular Wars games need more games in this day and age instead of yet another Waifu Emblem entry

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