SNES Longplay [213] Top gear

Played by MadMatty

This is said to be Lotus Turbo challenge for the SNES, but their are no lotus cars in the game. No, the only thing in common with the lotus games is that its by Gremlin, ok and it has some tunes from the lotus games.

Lets say this is how Gremlin wanted the lotus series to progress (a newer version without the licencing). what does this have going for it. Music+SFX for one thing sadly missing frm the Lotus games (Amiga+Genesis). I also like that a few trans have a Day/Night transittion effect. The Nitros also come n handy at times.

The Title music in the game is a rendition of the the Lotus II Ending music. You had to work had to get to hear this tune on the Amiga/Genesis, but here it is on the title screen in this game. Not a bad rendition at all, and that goes also for the other Lotus tunes used in the game. However the snes blips and blops dont live up to the Amiga Original, but good all the same.

Now the bad. The game screen area is too damn small. Graphically …I dunno, but maybe the lotus games looked better, at least by LotusIII. The game is also too damned long, making it repetative to play in one sitting. The cheating ai can get real old at times making it near impossable to get first. Italy/Rome was easily the hardest track and took me many retries to beat it. Due to needing to pit, the front cars get too far away and even nitro doesnt help to much, even the AI racer struggles!

I chose the white car as it has high grip and low fual usage at the cost of overall speed. It made it difficult at time but being able to take corners without breaking much helps me alot.

And finaly a rant on literaly every old game, the ending is so damned unrewarding for the ammount of time put in!


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42 thoughts on “SNES Longplay [213] Top gear

  1. Gran juego de la SNES. Lo único que no me gustó es que, incluso jugando uno solo, debía compartir la pantalla con otro carro. Menos mal que eso lo arreglaron con las secuelas. Por lo demás excelentes gráficos, gran jugabilidad y una inolvidable banda sonora.

  2. This game is so awesome I remember when I had this tape cartridge In my collection I had gotten past all the game completely.

  3. 1:19 essa musiquinha é um clássico. Dica, se for dirigir em uma rodovia nunca coloque ela pra escutar no carro como eu fiz. Nessa brincadeira quase que o meu golf ia indo pra casa do cassete!!! Fica a dica 😉

  4. Se vocês observarem, na pista do Brasil só tem mato kkkkk, logo a próxima pista é no Japão onde tem vários prédios oq indica o desenvolvimento do Pais

  5. I have always loved playing Top gear, but I like Top gear 3000 better, the bad thing about Top gear is that when you have to run up to 7 laps, you can enter pits and that takes time to load the fuel and loses positions, for I like that better Top gear 3000, that when refueling it is not necessary to stop

  6. El año 1992 jugaba este juego en la esquina de mi casa le pedia 1 hora soy de comas collique 4ta zona buen recuerdo en cuarentena

  7. Al,auto blanco le sacaba 350 de velocidad acuerdo q me escapaba de la casa para ir jugar top gear

  8. En la primera pista chocando el parlante de meta dejabas tercero al q venia segundo y lo cagabas

  9. No se como sería en otros países pero en Perú era común en esos años encontrar una casa de vecino q alquilara supernintendo y era clásico pasar y escuchar top gear, street figther, Mario, y algún juego de fútbol y ya la adrenalina subía a mil
    Ahora entiendo esas palabras "éramos felices pero no lo sabíamos"

  10. Contraseña para el set de Italia: Glucagon, la hormona que aumenta la glucosa en la sangre jajajajaja

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