Scott Sabourin Knocked Out Cold After Scary Head-To-Head Collision With David Backes

A scary moment as Scott Sabourin gets the worst of a collision with David Backes. The two clashed heads and Sabourin was already unconscious before he hit the ice. Good news as the Senators’ player gave a thumbs up after being stretchered off.


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29 thoughts on “Scott Sabourin Knocked Out Cold After Scary Head-To-Head Collision With David Backes

  1. I'm not a fan of Boston, especially a certain player, but they showed some great class after this. Respect for them.

  2. So the result was a fractured nose, was that from contact with the ice? It doesn't look like Backes hit his nose at all. Glad he was ok.

  3. I just noticed that one of the Ottawa players (I'm not a Ottawa fan so dont know his name) looks to be telling a fan/spectator dont take a picture/record video or something along that line.

  4. No respect for the Bruins announcer what so ever. He laughed at the end when seeing the replay of getting hurt. He’s done stuff like this before. Like earlier in the year when Polak got injured and lasted motionless on the ice and he said he deserved it and that it was karma. Not surprised that it’s from a Boston team but that’s still unacceptable.

  5. Cool how Backes immediately calls over a ref after the collision, my guy doesn't even try to skate away. Mad respect to that guy he was on the verge of tears about causing Sabourin's injury.

  6. So respectful to both teams coming out and showing support real sportsmanship nice gesture by the Bruins

  7. He has heart but has to understand you cannot run big guys like backes at his size or his career will be over soon. imagine if backes had time to put the shoulder down and hit him at same times. I dont see him playing long at his age and his playstyle. reaves just toyed with him like a puppet

  8. He just hit a wall and backes just took the hit but barely moves. if he put his weight and also hit him sabourin would be gone for a really long time. He just took the hit and sabourin went down ouch

  9. 2:20 Nobody ever wants to see a player injured..
    Oh well If only Bortuzzo and Binnington know how to act this way.

  10. I certainly hope that Sabourin heals up and has a great career. All the best from

  11. In moments like these it’s not about teams or who you root for. It’s just about making sure everyone is ok and can play the sport they love. Major respect for everyone there for not being assholes (I’m from Boston I know we can be dicks)

  12. Yikes. I’ve never heard a hockey arena this dead silent before when they’re checking on an injured player.

  13. Похоже ударился челюстью, потерял сознание и ещё ударился об лёд.

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