River flows in you (English Version)- YuNjln leE (Ver 1)

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❤ Original piano version by Yiruma

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❤ Lyrics

You are just to young to find the senses in your life,
looking for something else like the dream that you have.

Filled your life with something else like teardrops in your eyes
Who does care what you are while the river flows in you?

You are not the fool, no
you’re a beautiful one
you are like the sun
cause this one river flows in you.

You are not the noone
you just look for more here,
who does care because you are the one
with it inside

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34 thoughts on “River flows in you (English Version)- YuNjln leE (Ver 1)

  1. Aku bahagia bisa liat km aku nangis karna aku bahagia saking bahagia nya aku gabisa kontrol air mataku

  2. This song is beautiful but the violin is a tiny bit scratchy and the rest is amazing. Not trying to be rude. please dont hate me….

  3. Your skin is not paper
    dont cut it
    Your body is not a book
    dont Judge it
    Your neck is not a rope
    dont hang it
    Your life is not a movie
    dont end it

  4. No matter who sing it..it still a sad sounded song for me.The first time I heard this song,I cried.urgh..so babyish

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