Product activation failed Office 2010 | 100% working Method (2020)

MS Office 2010 product activation failed.

You may be having this problem regarding the activation of ms office 2010, so, I created a video for you to overcome this issue.
AND It’s working, yes…

Now, how to fix ms office product activation failed?

You have to reset the settings for activation.

Earlier, You might be cracking or doing something like that for activation and you know, Microsoft knew that.
Sounds weird but it’s true.

You have to change the settings first to activate it.
And after that download the microsoft toolkit.

Download Toolkit:

Do the exact steps shown in the video to get rid of this problem and you will have your ms office for use.
That’s it!

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50 thoughts on “Product activation failed Office 2010 | 100% working Method (2020)

  1. i found it
    FRIENDS , the file location is not in "PROGRAM FILES " but in "PROGRAM FILES(x86)" in WINDOWS 10

  2. Bro your website is full of ads and its impossible to download your Toolkit i understand it's for money but at least make it ACCESSABLE

  3. Hi, anyone from 2020 May? I don't have files to click and also the link provided (above) is not working. 🙁 Help me plz..

  4. bhai tu great hai bhai tune mera microsoft toh chor tere wajah se meraa window bhi activate hogaya is tool se bhai gazab thanks bhai aise video or banaya karo or mai tere is vidro ke liye subscribe , like and share bhi karunga

  5. I tried to download from the link but in link there were three link option and I clicked on one and tried to download but after that it asked for permission to add extention I did but nothing happened is that safe because now whenever I am opening that it's showing my permission is it safe please sir guide me because it asked for permission for files and I did please 🙏🙏🙏 sir tell Now I am very tensed because I had given permission to some and Now I am afraid I am tensed because I am a new user please sir guide me

  6. Sir mere laptop me to ye file hai hi nahi to mai kya karu please sir tell me another way to tackle problem.

  7. hey it worked for me 3 months ago, but just now it didn't work anymore, is there a problem with the toolkit?

  8. I have office 2016 and it says "Product activation failed". Is there a fix for this version? Thank you

  9. IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere says:

    I tried a lot of tutorials but always fail. BUT this one works!! So thanks a lot man :))

  10. Thanks bro none of the other videos fixed the problem but thanks to ur video it finally worked thank u so much bro

  11. Which ms office 2010 toolkit we have to download as others have virus plz suggest i am stuck with dis issue?

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