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As a bonus lecture to the Fashion Design Process series (see link below), this video goes over the design, product development, process, and logistics of print design within the context of designing a clothing collection. How to get started, some things to watch out for, some design considerations, how to merchandize the print back to the rest of your collection, all kinds of stuff.


My Fashion Design Process series:

Fashion Design Process: Concept Development and Mood Boards:
Fashion Design Process: Color and Texture:
Fashion Design Process: Fabrics:
Guest Interview: Fashion Designer Dahae Kim:

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49 thoughts on “Print Design Process Tutorial

  1. Lovely video and great information. Just one suggestion, maybe if the videos were shorter and packed and more specific, say you talk about prints and fabrics from a person working in a company's POV and about making prints and repeats in a seperate video, and maybe about choosing the right kind of prints for the occasion and fabric in another, It'd be much more easier to watch and understand. Thank you

  2. So much great information here! Thank you!! The one little thing that I would add from my experience working as a Samples Assistant Manager for Jessica McClintock is that sometimes sewing contractors make mistakes. We once had a sewing contractor sew an entire bundle with the fabric INSIDE OUT! We couldn't reuse the fabric because it would a) take too much time to rip apart, b) ruin most of the fabric in taking apart, c) not be send out to showroom floors with the wrong side out even if it was a sample. So, it is always a good rule of thumb to have excess fabric on hand for just such an emergency. Jessica McClintock used an enormous amount a Venetian laces so we always had to be sure to have extra on hand, or at least a very, very close facsimile to replace it with.

    Again, thanks so much!!

  3. It's so hard to find anything on textile design – it always comes up batik or something. I was a textile designer in my youth and now nobody seems to know what it means since it's mostly done digitally. I like to paint on paper. Is that no longer feasable?

  4. I am interested in designing my own fabrics- Can you suggest any places where I would bring my designs to get printed/produced onto fabric? Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you so much for your tutorials.Could also talk about how to find a designer to work with as an assisstant to the fashion designer just for a month or more to see and practise as a designer.Thank you in advance

  6. Hi ma'am it's very to the point.. Can u also make a vdo of creating print designs on water color prints as u mentioned?

  7. Zoe that's an absoluuuuutely amazing print you made!! So original.

    Also LOL I can't remember phone numbers now. We really had to make our brains work back then 😂

  8. This is super interesting. I'd like to find someone/a consultant who's knowledgeable about fabric production and print design.

    I don't even know what to look for in a potential consultant. Someone fresh out of college won't do according to this video. If anybody has tips, please LMK!

  9. Would be great to see a video on developing handlooms, embroidery anglaise and lace patterns. Unless of course you’ve addressed this in another video I’ve yet to see. Also would be ace to get your option on digital prints vs screen prints.

  10. Hi dear Zoe,
    First of all thank you for your amazing eye opening chanel.
    It teaches me a lot and help me to choose better.
    And I have question; could you please tell me what exactly a texttile designers do?
    Thank you in advanced

  11. hi zoe, i'm professional graphic designer. please can you tell me is there any connection between graphic design and fashion design. i have friend she is a fashion designer, i like to support her with my graphic skills. please help me

  12. Thank you Zoe thank you so much for these awesome videos! It's just amazing the content and the clarity with which you explain it, while also keeping a perfect mix of light and serious so it stays fresh and interesting throughout! This is seriously valuable understanding that i'm gaining from your channel. Can't thank you enough!

  13. Dont know how to thanks enough for your useful VDO.Its gave knowledge to me a lot. Will be a big fan of your tutorial.

  14. I find the monotonous work of creating fashion and beauty products interesting. I want to one day be a CEO of a company that sells products as that.

  15. Hi Zoe, I want to have my prints printed onto a fabric, do you know a good place I can get that done other than spoonflower? Thank you.

  16. Hey, love your channel. I'm going to introduce it to my sister. She can learn a great deal from you. I know I have. 👍🏾

  17. Worked in the Industry as a Production Manager here in Los Angeles from 1981 all the way to 2002 I have to say that you are 100% right. Thank you for bringing back to me those good memories. Please continue with your videos.

  18. Hi Zoe, can you help understanding fabric count and construction of the fabric? ho to identify fabric quality?

  19. Thanks for your time this spost was verry informative .. Could you recomend some cd rom clipart textile sets for clothing designs. So far Ive only found a company called Dover productions

  20. Can you do a video on how exactly do we print the designed prints on fabrics. I mean how to find printer or dyers and how to dye and all

  21. She's literally saving me $30,000 a year on fashion school. Can't explain how much I appreciate this channel and how good the content is and have been this entire journey. Thank you so much Zoe, for the feedback in the emails and taking the time to do this for us people looking to get into this industry! You're awesome 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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