Prezi software download & install full free version in 2019 || By LEARN WITH SUMON

Prezi software download & install full free version in 2019 || By LEARN WITH SUMON

❤️❤️Hello friends, This is my another YouTube video in this video i will show you How to download and install prezi software full free version. Everybody know that presentation is very very impotent part of all kinds of job. Because presentation skill is the so much impotent for getting a better job. An University student every semester they given lots of presentation for improve there soft skill. So every people use ms PowerPoint ,but in prezi you make a better presentation. I think if you use this prezi software you can make a better presentation slide. I hope everybody enjoy this video . Thanks for watching & keep supporting me.❤️❤️

Prezi software download link:

Cracklock Software link:

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Producer : Mohiuddin Sumon
Video Editor : Mohiuddin Sumon


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38 thoughts on “Prezi software download & install full free version in 2019 || By LEARN WITH SUMON

  1. আমাদের ভিডিও টি যদি আপনার ভালো লাগে তাহলে , সাবস্ক্রাইব করে আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন প্লিজ ।

  2. hopefully there's an English subtitle as a universal language for the whole world to understand. Huhu thank you btw.

  3. Can we crack the PLUS Version instead of the basic version of Prezi? I am using PREZi NEXT latest version and not the Regular Prezi Classic. Please help

  4. ok i stuck at the crack thing 3 times after reinstalling prezi and start again and again then in the end its done!

    just follow the video carefully and it works

  5. Hi, I doesn't succeed because at the end, when i click apply, a window opens which written : the following files cannot be modified… How can I manage to finish the crack time installation

  6. Worked perfectly! Thank you very much indeed! A question: is it possible to use the crackclock on other softwares?

  7. i always like indian people who always make toturoial about something i dont know nice hello from indonesia'

  8. help…….

    somehow when i want to apply for the changes of date it said
    the following file cannot be modified


    There is a notification Retry , restart later , restart now , cancel , it cannot be cracked

  10. vy amr cracklock er kaj ta korar somoye jokhn install a click kortsi (mane 8 min 55 second a) tokhn onno ekta likha astse and ami finally kaj ta korte pari ny…likha astse j crc failed

  11. I want to help Email does not work with me knowing that it is true and I have tried another email but could not login

  12. Good video, thank you Sumon! The installation worked fine. I got a question only… should I use the software ALWAYS offline?

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