My Everyday Makeup Routine | Loren Gray

hi I’m back with an updated daily makeup routine heheh also its 3am and I’ve been editing since 8pm. my soul has officially left my body. anywhore comment what you wanna see next luv u subscribe pece


getting my first tattoo ▶

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50 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup Routine | Loren Gray

  1. Nossa, você é muito linda sem maquiagem… Acho que ficaria perfeita com uma make levinha, bem naturalzinha… Pareceria uma angel da Victoria's secret…

  2. When she said in the begining of the video hey im loren .i stoped the video and i said : ) u kidding girl ..holly like she changed 70% ?!!why does she put on that much of make up shes all ready beutifull but like seriously what a peitence to put that much of makeup everyday

  3. I could neverrr I get tired doing my mascara don’t get me wrong absolutely love makeup but for EVERYDAY nope

  4. Hello everyone u can look this item i love it .U can try it:
    thanks for looking <3<3.

  5. Is there a comment with the written products down? Please have a written comment! I don’t wanna buy the wrong thing 🙁 @LorenGray

  6. Y’all. I never realized she was so light. I feel like I’m not the only light person in this world!

  7. ngl why are you watching the video if you are a hater. Just watch a video you WOULD like. Like Loren Gray is so pretty!!

  8. Everyone: Loren is a catfish.
    Loren: Yeah that’s true!!
    Loren is the CEO of cat fishing

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