Mod Monday: Reign Of Runts [Don't Starve Together]

Our runty reign begins! Thanks, Goat Slice!

Thanks for watching!

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47 thoughts on “Mod Monday: Reign Of Runts [Don't Starve Together]

  1. Reign of Runts trailer:
    Reign of Runts mod:

  2. We need other runt bosses for the other bosses in the game. I would love to see an antlion one, antlion is so cute!

  3. Dragonfly probably should have FIRE RESISTANCE, Not immunity. Because we already have a fire immune character.

  4. Did anyone see dragonflys quote when they were fighting?

    i am fire I am death
    Reference to the hobbit smaug

    Can someone make a list of the runty bosses quotes? That would be great

  5. Wait why would he have dragon fly instead of ant lion since it’s called reign of runts and has the rest of the seasonal bosses

  6. Runty Bearger is my favorite from this showcase. They all look amazing and they feel authentic to their adult counterparts. I just wish Bearger grew a thicker coat during the winter to show he is under hibernation effects. With this kind of mod, I wonder if it will inspire other potential runty big bads? Sandy Antlion perhaps? That would be interesting. First thing that comes to mind is creating walls out of sand for your base, but I'm not sure how the spikes of sand would work. But then again, I don't make mods.

  7. You should be able to unlock these by doing this:

    -Beat all bosses, and I mean EVERY BOSS

    -survive more than 250 days or 300

    -kill a number of tree guards (because there “mini boss”) like lets say 30-25

    -default setting for game

    -survive 100-125 days underground

    -kill 3 mega tentacles

    -kill 5-10 spider queens

    -befriend over 10 pigs

    -befriend over 20 rock lobsters

    -befriend over 10 rabbits

    -overall befriend more than 50 friend able mobs

    -survive over 50 days on lunar island

    Look I think this is a good set of accomplishments needed for these things but they need to be buffed for overall affective ness and I now this seems impossible at first but nothing is impossible in the gaming world so if they are added do your damn nest and unlock these things by becoming one of if not the best non starving survivor

  8. Should’ve made the last one antlion, and they just can’t move and if they aren’t fed they break the world

  9. Boss when you fight him: Im gonna rip your head off and play football with him and then take a bath with your blood!!!
    Boss when you can play him: Hi, my name is Jeb… Wanna play scrable?

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