LIVING with a CREEPER GIRL in MINECRAFT | Minecraft "Mob Talker" [#1]

We find, and get know an actual Minecraft ANIME CREEPER GIRL MOB in the REAL MINECRAFT!? Yup..! We even invite her to our house and she seems to not mind the idea…

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MOB TALKER 2 mod for Minecraft –
Minecraft Mob talker 2 “remastered” Script by
CPU Black Soul


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About the video: Using the MOB TALKER 2 mod for Minecraft, we have our self a new Anime Miencraft Visual Novel / Dating Simulator adventure and story! Firstly meeting up with the Creeper Girl CUPA, we embark on the quest to know more, and gain relationships with these Anime Minecraft Mobs.

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49 thoughts on “LIVING with a CREEPER GIRL in MINECRAFT | Minecraft "Mob Talker" [#1]

  1. Hey wait… I uses to watch these mob talker videos when I was a kid… I also forgot the name of the creeper girl, and I'm wondering why this video was uploaded 9 months ago

  2. So I am trying to find a YouTube video I watched way back a and it was a Minecraft mob talker and I didn’t get to finish it and I forgot about it and I want to watch it again but I can’t seem to find it

  3. Mairusu, I have a question. The mod changes ALL the mobs or just are separated spawns?

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