Let's Play Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon – #1. Goemon and the Giant Peach Ship

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here and welcome to my new project, the legend of the Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, a platforming adventure game for the N64. Goemon and his friend Ebisumaru have witnessed a giant peach-shaped UFO in the air which has attacked the castle of Oedo. It is up to them to figure out this alien conspiracy and save their town. This will be a 100% LP of the game which means I will be collecting all of the gold/silver fortune dolls, along with of course, beating the game. I have very fond memories of this game growing up and it is always one of my favorites. I hope you guys enjoy the project, despite how obscure it is. =P Anyways, in this first part, we find out that Oedo Castle is blocked and we need to find the chain pipe to get inside.

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31 thoughts on “Let's Play Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon – #1. Goemon and the Giant Peach Ship

  1. dude ive been trying to figure out what this game was for years! i remember playing it as a kid and never knew the name thank you!

  2. When I played this game I thought you were transforming into a ninja XD didn’t know they were different characters. I feel like switching characters like that was unheard of at the time!

    I also played my friends save it was his game at his house so I didn’t know the story behind the game at all I just had fun running around haha

  3. This was the BEST game I ever played as a kid. Saw this at Blockbuster and never returned it!! hahahaha jk

  4. Damn I remember my cousins letting me borrow this game years ago for the 64 and had no idea what I was suppose to do lol. I always forget the name of it until I see the familiar blue haired kid ninja character, Goemon. The music brought back very font memories stuck in my subconscious mind

  5. One of my all time favorites… I could poorly 'recite' every lyric from all tunes in this gem when I was 10. Effing love this game.

  6. I miss this game soooo much. I could not remember the name and finally i found it i used to play this all the time i really miss this game.

    This game brings back so many memories it brings back happier times in my life I want to buy a n64 just to play this game the way i used to play it.

  7. I use to have this title along with Goemon's Great Adventure…..then they opened a local game shop that bought and sold games.
    ….all those expensive and rare games I use to have. 😢

  8. I've been on a nostalgia trip all day and this is REALLY bringing back memories! God, this game was just so charming and the music is SO GOOD. So glad I found your channel so I can re-live this part of my childhood.

  9. Now I remember why I don't really remember this game – it kind of sucked compared to the competition.

  10. Wow, I remember this gem. Back in the day I could never complete the game because I had no memory card, since most games saved on the cartridge. I later played it through an emulator to complete. I almost forgot how awesome the soundtrack of this game was, especially that opening song….. I feel like playing this game now >.<

  11. So many weird dissociated memories from when I was like 4 playing this game. Kids have such a totally weird way of understanding strange things.

  12. Thank You! and also for not talking too much. Hate those people who talk over cutscenes and all gameplay. This game saved my life. It made me the man I am today. Love

  13. I always remember not having the memory card and I had to leave the nintendo 64 on all the time but eventually my mom turned it off 🙁

  14. Wow its been more than 5 years since you first lets played this game. Time flies so fast i remembe watching this the day you released it

  15. I wish they would port this game to a new platform. I'd settle for ios with mfi support at this point. I rented it and thought it was great. I should have bought it.

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