I HACKED Cat Mario/Syobon Action into Super Mario Maker 2! (Extra Game Style)

This is my SMM2 mod which adds three new tilesets to the game along with new sprites for Mario and a couple of enemies. Everything is in the style of the flash game, Cat Mario (Syobon Action).

Sorry for stretching the video out lol. I would normally never do this but I could do with the extra funds right now, especially if I want to buy another Switch for remake projects. I don’t wanna just add unnecessary bits to the video that take out from the entertainment lol.


Surreal Sippin’ –
SMM2 Edit Music:
Death Wish:

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43 thoughts on “I HACKED Cat Mario/Syobon Action into Super Mario Maker 2! (Extra Game Style)

  1. the reason for the different buzzy for the underground style is actually nintendo making all black objects blue in the smb1 / smb3 themes with dark backgrounds

  2. The grinder could have been the Angry Cloud you just replace all of the same animal animations with the same so it looks like a normal cloud with the eyes except if you don't think when you die or take damage make it so the night theme looks like the normal theme then make poison mushrooms look exactly like mushrooms and then somehow make it where they just interact is normal

  3. I don’t think anyone’s noticed this but there is a story going on in the chat

    Person A:I really love your videos and would like you to say hi


    Person B: FINE IGNORE ME

    Person B: BYE YOU NUB


  4. Mayro, can that kind of hack be done in the SMW on snes? cause i've seen many rom hack that look hella different from the original… is low budget cat version possible?

  5. Hello Mayro (and other people that read this lol), I’m a huge fan of Syobon Action. I even speedrunned it. It is really fun to see you make this hack.
    Also, why did you give the cat walking animations and there aren’t any in Syobon Action either. As far as I know you can just make all the sprites for walking the exact same.

  6. Great video as usual! Add Oil for launching! Maybe the falling bricks can be Thwomps. But there's a problem:
    When I talk live chat between stream watcher A and C, it should be like this:
    But it ended up erasing my chat, like this:
    Can you please solve it? I want to chat with you real time!

  7. when Mario maker 2 came out I Made these Levels but without hacks (there out of order and some of them are the old levels from cat Mario) but it turned out pretty well and I made every level in the game (and up to 10 because I made my own) Here's 1 2 & 3
    Level 1 : 9VG-NL9-TFG
    Level 2 : TVN-C71-V6G
    Level 3 : 3CN-Q2R-C5G
    and the other levels….

  8. This seriously hits home how much money Nintendo could make if they added different texture packs to the styles. If this person can do it this quickly, nintendo is missing out on free easy money for this game.

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