How To Play Plumber Pants Family Game

Item provided by Hasbro for review

Here is a new game from Hasbro called Plumbers pants. The game is based off of a plumber working on a sink. You add the plumbers tools to his belt and once you add a little too much weight, his pants fall down and the sink squirts water all over the players. It was fun hanging out with Butch and checking out this game. Thanks for taking the time to watch!

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26 thoughts on “How To Play Plumber Pants Family Game

  1. Hey everyone! Butch and I get to try a new game today. For some reason he was in a funny mood today!

  2. I think I started watching you when I was 6? I forgot about you when I was 7 tho but I’m back,I’m now 11 and just a thanks for beIn theRe

  3. Well, you two did it again! Made me laugh out loud 😄 on a day when I thought I couldn't! Thank you so much 😊🙏🏾 Also, I'm not sure if this game should be part of the disgusting game collection or not! It's hard to decide 😄

  4. Awesome silly little game; and fun to see Butch likes to play with his toys too. He's just a big ol' kiddy dog!

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