How To Play Bakugan TCG: Live Gameplay Commentary! (Step-by-Step)

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If you’re attending AnimeExpo in Los Angeles, CA on July 5-7, stop by the Bakugan booth and earn your chance to challenge me in the cage to win exclusive limited edition Bakugan! If you’re interested in learning how to play the Bakugan TCG, check out this live gameplay commentary that explains the game step-by-step!

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30 thoughts on “How To Play Bakugan TCG: Live Gameplay Commentary! (Step-by-Step)

  1. Honestly… With all the changes they made to bakugan with the TCG…. I feel completely alienated as a fan…. I learned everything there was to know with the old bakugan and now……. NONE of that knowledge is worth anything anymore…… I guess I was wrong to get hyped for the return of bakugan

    Edit: not to mention the massive collection I have of original bakugan…… They're now completely worthless in the new game……..

  2. the version of this i played was from the first series where the gate cards were what the bakugan needed to be rolled onto and the objective was to capture 3 gate card….and b power…wasn't it g power? this game has changed a hell of a lot from when i used to play

  3. If the cards can be used by any player at any time, how does game game keep it's organization? Surely a mechanic like this will cause disputes over who played what first.

  4. did this game change from when I was a kid? I thought you had to land on magnetized field cards which you could flip to reveal effects.

  5. I'm still SUPER confused. How do you keep track of your health, your power, what half those cards do, your energy and how much you spend on other cards, evolution stuff. It's just a LOT to focus on.

  6. I remember there used to be cards called "gate cards" that were magnetic and they had effects and boosts for attributes

  7. This is so cool I'm glad your channel isn't restricted to one thing cause you are really entertaining not saying you should ever stop Yu-Gi-Oh but it's a nice break

  8. What? They fully changed bakuguan when? I still have metal cards but never seen those small metal things you have in the middle of the screen… What is this?!

  9. This game looks actually really fun! But the fact that you depend on a mechanism that can malfunction to win doesn't convince me, but still great idea and thank you Cimo for showing the rules

  10. Oh so can ash blossom? what type of Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game is this? y r there marble things that explode

  11. At First Glace it looks Pretty Simple but the mana parts amongst others kind Trips Me Up. But in Either Case it looks Kid of Fun.

  12. Ayy cimoooo back with some Bakugan finally! Can’t wait to play you again man it was so fun last time!

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