How To Pass Microsoft Excel Test – Get ready for the Interview

Refresh your Microsoft Excel skills and learn how to get ready for excel interview in this tutorial.

[Download PDF eBook] Top 50 Excel Test for Job Interview Questions with Answers:

In this video
1. How to make entire row bold or italic in Excel 00:27
2. How to make entire row with different background color in Excel 02:39
3. How to calculate and create a total for each quarter in Excel 03:36
4. How to calculate and create a total for entire year in Excel 05:33
5. How to sort data from largest to smallest 08:34
6. How to group the data based on categories 10:13
7. How to insert chart into worksheet 11:32
Bonus: How to forecast revenue increase in Excel 14:34

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How To Pass Microsoft Excel Test – Get ready for the Interview:

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22 thoughts on “How To Pass Microsoft Excel Test – Get ready for the Interview

  1. Found my dream job. Need a master's degree. Goes to grad school. Pay thousands in books and class fees. Apply for dream job. Fail god damn Excel bullshit assessment test. Fail Life.

  2. if the sample worksheet is added in the video description, it would be of great help . we have to practice while and upon watching these amazing tutorials.

  3. 5/12/2020

    BTW, awesome channel.

    What I don't understand, though, in THIS PARTICULAR VIDEO, is that @ 5:27 in the video, column F10 shows a total of $36,196.87,

    BUT….ALL the LAST digits in the F column are ZEROS!

    How can zeros add up to a "7"?

    My sheet kept generating $41,151.00.

    Did I do something wrong? Or, is the F10 answer in the video somehow incorrect and maybe it just wasn't noticed when it was uploaded.

    I'm not too sure where the mistake was made where our answers differ.

    Any thoughts on that matter? Thanks.

  4. Oh my god we could have done without all the extra unnecessary explaining and silly crap inbetween questions like.. just give us the information …so long winded

  5. I think this has 1 million views because of the funny intermissions after each (very useful) demonstration.. the intermissions are a bit stretched out but I needed Excel knowledge asap lol

  6. Well understood and thank you. This will help me to increase my knowledge and I will get the points from this to develop my blog site. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's been years since I've used Excel like years 2008-2009!!!

  8. Vadim, your uploads are really helpful for me as I'm a relative newbie to Excel. I think your style of presenting is perfect for demonstrating Excel and I'm very grateful for the Bonus question at the end as I'm learning financial mathematics. Thanks again brother, keep up the good work!

  9. Wow they didn't teach me how to project revenue in college. Thanks this was great. I just subscribed!!

  10. "Sort data largest to smallest" is too vague. I would ask the interviewer what specific data they want me to sort. If they want to sort on A-Z on desc, or to sort by cat then desc. Or, do they want me to =len() in a new column to get string lengths of the desc's and sort by longest to shortest string. As a hiring manager, I would give someone this kind of vague question to see if they will ask for clarification. I'm not hiring someone that just assumes what I want on something vague. Their assumption could mean they waste time (which is money) doing something incorrectly.

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