How to Design a Print

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This is how I approach designing prints for fabrics. I’m aware everyone does it a little differently but I tried to break it down into easy to understand steps to help you get started in developing your own process. Even if you have your own process, hopefully you’ll pick up a new tip or trick or 2!


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44 thoughts on “How to Design a Print

  1. Hello thank you so much for your videos I’m finding them so useful, I’m thinking of starting my own clothing line and getting other a manufacturer to make the clothes I design for me, how would I go about getting my desighn that I create into the clothes the manufacturer will make for me? Do I have to buy a lot of the fabric that I create via this way and then send that to the manufactures. do I send them the fabric for them to work from, so if I want lots product made I’ll have to send lots of fabric to them? thank you so much, I’m new to all of this and trying to figure out everything xxx

  2. Grate effort and very useful video for designer if you want to learn about textile designing in Photoshop must visit me

  3. How does the repeat have to go so that it can be endlessly continued and not showing the lines? I dont know how to ask this question but i hope u know what i mean.

  4. I learned so much from you than in the fashion school Im studying right now. lol I wouldnt really know what Im gonna do after grad without your channel, honestly speaking! thank you so much for your dedication! You are a blessing to us! <3

  5. Thank you so much for your videos! This was super informative and helpful 🖤 Also I enjoyed listening to the blueprint podcast and learning more about your start in fashion 😊

  6. wish I had found your channel before I started my fashion degree! Still, better late than never! Loveeee your channel <3

  7. Lesportsac always has cool collabs for their bag collections and I've ALWAYS wanted to create a cute bag print but never knew where to start. This video is a treasure trove of info. Thank you!!

  8. This was helpful if you want to create Wallpapers, Bedsheets, curtains, covers and so much more….really getting some new ideas

  9. Wonderful video!! Funny I was just talking to a friend about how to do this because we are wanting to create a pattern for hobo bags. Thanks Zoe

  10. hi zoe, i am raissa from indonesia. I am truly amazed by the deformity that you draw. I aspire to become a designer, I also want to meet you to share stories about the techniques and basics of drawing clothes. but unfortunately I can't meet you yet. with this video that you uploaded, hopefully it can be useful for me and all who like your design.

  11. Off topic. Can you make an accessory drawing, development, production video? Like handbags and/or jewelry… Ive learned so much in your video then i did at school.

  12. You certainly make these videos straight forward and the information given is easy to understand. 👍

    I just compiled an Amazon list of the art supplies I like best. Check it out if you like. Also I don't know if I've ever showed you this before or not, but I have a Pinterest board below too. The style of those sketches is similar to how mine look.

    No book today lol. Tired, gonna hit the sack.

    The Amazon List

    The Pinterest Example Board

  13. You probably won’t see this but I will try do u need to go to Business school or fashion college to start your own fashion brand or company I’m just so confused 🤷‍♀️ Like is there thing I would need to go to school for to start

  14. Oh my God! What a great timing you uploaded this video on prints as I'm at present working on prints! Thank u so much! U r simply amazing! Love u loads!!!

  15. Thank you so much Zoe for this terrific tutorial video. I've been waiting for this to expand my knowledge in textile and surface design. This is really a great help for everyone like me. Much love from the Philippines 🤗

  16. Thank for sharing all videos…..🙏🙏🙏 as a self taught graphic designer and want to learn fashion design your videos are mean a kot to me..thank u

  17. I always want to design my own prints. This is right on time. I never would have thought of laying the image out and using the palm of the figure hand that just change my life 😂 thanks Miss Lady for always helping me with my passion

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