How to Create 🔥Prezi Presentation in PowerPoint🔥2020

How to Create 🔥Prezi Presentation in PowerPoint🔥2020
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After watching this video you will know how to create a Prezi style presentation using PowerPoint. Prezi is known for zooming in, zooming out and this way creating a dynamic experience. With the Slide Zoom feature available in PowerPoint 2019 and 365 you can create pretty much the same Prezi style presentations. Let’s go 😃

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31 thoughts on “How to Create 🔥Prezi Presentation in PowerPoint🔥2020

  1. Hi there 😁👍would you like to learn more? ✅ Get 30% Off 🔥PowerPoint Zoom Course 🔥

  2. I know you can change the picture that ist shown in the Zoom you click on. But ist it possible to make it completely invisible?
    Reason why I ask is that I habe a rotating menue where I want the Zoom the bei placed, but the Zoom in Combination with the morph function just looks odd

  3. Hello! Great video, congrats.
    The Zoom option in Insert section doesn't appear, I'm using MS Office 2016. How do I make it appears?

  4. Thank you very much for your awesome guide!
    I usually follow your instruction and share to all of my friends.
    Your first 10 seconds in this video is great because I don't see mouse pointer. How can I do that?
    Because I use presentation pointer remote thus I can't use mouse to click on big screen. It's so messy!
    Please help me!!!
    Thanks again!
    (I am using Microsoft Office 365)

  5. I have made something like this about a year ago and it was way worse because i was bad at Powerpoint back then. I like this tutorial and I might use it in my next powerpoint! 😀

  6. your content is great.. and I am learning a lot.. but as an audio engineer I have to tell you that you are using the wrong type of microphone. I dont even have to ask you what type of mic you are using, I know your using a condenser mic. these are studio microphones designed to pickup every little sound possible. the purpose of this mic is usually for vocalists. this is an excellent mic for them because it picks up every frequency. however you hear absolutely everything, I can hear you swallow between words, which is incredibly annoying and makes me not want to watch the videos all the way through. I dont wanna hear lip smack or swallowing or breathing. its incredibly annoying. you should be using a dynamic mic. which is what stage singers use, it picks up excellent audio but only sounds that originate within a few inches of the mic. it is in other words "gated" as we say. you will sound just as good if not better and we won't be hearing the echo in the room, the typing on your keyboard, vibrations when u put something down on your desk, or lip smack and swallowing or breathing. they are also more affordable than condenser mics. the reason these are used for live performance and video is because you won't get feedback because it only picks up audio in close range. excellent mics. I know why you chose a condenser mic, because thats what everyone is using online, everyone who has zero audio engineering experience.. so this is my way of saying thank you for helping me with powerpoint which you are obviously a master of so now I am sharing my expertise with you.

  7. Very informative! Easy to understand. Thank you so much. This will helps to my next presentation. ❤❤❤

  8. Its a humble request from my side, please make such power point presentations which are a bit simple cause many users like me use older version of powerpoint such as 2013 where features like morph transition, icons tab are not present . Please respond to my request

  9. Awsome tutorial! Love how ur designs. One question though. When i use the same steps, my sectionzoom-icon does not appear while the video is playing. It appars once it starts zooming. What do i need to do, to display the icon simultatiously? It looks fine in the slide. Using Office 365 Windows.

  10. Hey OneSkill, is it possible to zoom from one section to the next section with a nice animation? In your presentation it would be an animation from the last slide of "Trail 2" to the section "Camps" without zooming back to the home screen.

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