How to Create 🔥Prezi Presentation in PowerPoint🔥

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After watching this video you will know how to create a Prezi style presentation using PowerPoint. Prezi is known for zooming in, zooming out and this way creating a dynamic experience. With the Slide Zoom feature available in PowerPoint 2019 and 365 you can create pretty much the same Prezi style presentations. Let’s go 😃

Vadim Sherbakov


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40 thoughts on “How to Create 🔥Prezi Presentation in PowerPoint🔥

  1. Hi there 😁👍would you like to learn more? ✅ Get 30% Off 🔥PowerPoint Zoom Course 🔥

  2. Hey man you are awesome and so work 💪 hard for us thanks🙏 please keep doing for us and i request you please give download file of this ppt

  3. i know you have worked hard on this and this is truly impressive. .. would you be generous enough to share the template with the rest of us without affecting your earnings from the course ?

  4. Have you ever thought about using continuous line drawings as a visual materials to brighten up your presentations? It is the newest trend and they have a fresh professional look and minimalist style. Just browse hundreds of downloadable images here:

  5. I have a little issue when i create the icon, grouped them and "Save As Picture". Great, but when i try to go on my folder to bring the picture up, it comes all messed up definitely not the same format (i am saving as PNG). I am using a Mac 2017 with microsoft suite installed. I wonder if i need to change anything on the configuration on my Computer or when i am saving as picture. Could you help me? Your video is phenomenal, amazing, this definitely brings your presentation to the next level.

  6. Uhm what type of powerpoint version you have sir? I can’t apply the “zoom” effect on mine, it the 2016 ppt version :((

  7. That is really Awesome ! Wonderful and the steps are easy clear to follow. You made the high complicated time spending skill to be easy to do as a standard skill level PowerPoint person.

  8. Thanks a lot for this presentation. very HELPFUL. I have a question. I made a Vidoe presentation with PowerPoint. At the end of the presentation, I want to add a link for other video presentations How to put the link in video presentation?

  9. Thanks for sharing these amazing skills! May I ask if it is possible to embed a video in the zoom-in slide?

  10. Thank you for sharing. Your powerpoints are amazing. I love this video, it helps me so much. Thank you again.

  11. Hello. You are great 😍 It was an awesome experience trying this. Can u plz share the link for that laptop image, the one u used for video. Thanks

  12. This video has helped me tremendously! I am happy that my assignment will look like I spent all week creating it.

  13. Wow amazing! Thanks for sharing your mastery! Just one question, can it be saved as a slideshow video?

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