HE'S AT THE DOOR – The Strangers – Bad Home Invasion Horror Game

The Strangers:
The Strangers is a new horror game that apparently has nothing to do with The Strangers film, even though it kinda seems like that at the beginning. Weird. Thanks for watching!

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Outro art by – oweeo –

Outro music by – Artificial Construct –

Channel avatar by – Galoo Game Lady –

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22 thoughts on “HE'S AT THE DOOR – The Strangers – Bad Home Invasion Horror Game

  1. That fu%#ing nobody…is John Wolfe. They call him Baba Yaga…well John wasn’t exactly the Boogeyman. He was the one you sent to PLAY Boogeyman. 1 and 2. I once saw him play 3 random horror games in his house with a mouse and a keyboard. With a…fu#%ing…keyboard.

  2. i like how there's a possibility a russian person made this and they have bad english, so john possibly was just doing something racist

  3. I feel like the dev got a new idea that they liked more half way through development, and just decided to add that as the second act of the game, even if it feels entirely out of place. Like I feel like the second the driving cutscene starts is where one game ends, and the second the player gets run off the road is the start of another game.

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