Graphic Design Tips: PERFECT PRINT Design

Today some graphic design tips and tricks regarding print design. When designing something for print, it can be daunting because there are some things that can go wrong. However in todays print design tutorial, you will learn some tips that will help prevent such issues.

The printing process has a lot of technical aspects to it, and they are not ALL covered in todays tutorial, but I have added in some graphic design tips that will help ensure a perfect print on your graphic designs. Some of my tips and tricks today are obvious yet crucial, and others are lesser known but also crucial! If you wish to see more tips videos on the print design side of things, let me know and I will look to make more print design tutorials in the future.
I hope after listening to my tips today, you do understand the printing process that much more, and can go ahead and not make mistakes and mishaps on your print design projects.

If you found todays tutorial graphic design tips based on print design enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

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23 thoughts on “Graphic Design Tips: PERFECT PRINT Design

  1. So many great tips in this video! Getting the right shade of "black" can be a print designers biggest challenge sometimes – especially as it then varies based on paper selection!

  2. Finally! A video that mentions bleeds. I can’t tell you how many customers don’t have an understanding of this concept.

    I would also mention 1- ensure your project is created in a cmyk color space. This is important. Screen and print are two different things.
    2-avoid custom spot colors or spot colors with custom names…unless you’re planning to use a special mix ink.

  3. Love!! Excellent quality presentation and information both as usual, family! Thanks for continuing to do what you do in sharing, utilizing, and ever-growing in your skillz. 💎✊

  4. now would you look at that: a 6 minute video taught me more useful stuff about print than a whole semester at university. We only learned super detailed postscript stuff and pdf-version differences which was stuff that I NEVER EVER NEEDED AGAIN. I can't even print a birthday invitation with that trash knowledge, sheesh

  5. I am happy with the small size printing but I have issues for large size printing, for which what kinda measurement & ppi should I take is the pain!
    Could you do a video on the large size printing measurement things?

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