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A playthrough of Vic Tokai’s 1990 NES game, The Mafat Conspiracy.

Or Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13. The name is totally different in the game from what it is on the packaging, so chose whichever you prefer.

Anyways, this is the official follow-up to the fantastic but badly-flawed 1988 title, Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode ( While it retains some elements of the first game, it definitely feels different. That makes sense, since the development duties this time went to Aicom. The graphics and sound are a massive upgrade from the original game’s – Duke is no longer barefoot, for starters! The music carries over the main theme song and gives it a facelift for the NES chip – it sounds MUCH better here than in Top Secret Episode. The cutscenes are now quite a bit flashier too – even if there is some absolutely hideous artwork going on in places. I mean, seriously Duke, you slept with THAT woman?! She looks like a dog’s dinner, man! And she’s orange! ORANGE, for Christ’s sake! The ending is pretty sweet though, even if it is really short. Just check out how much blood there is!

The game mechanics are also much better – Sniperman can now duck and shoot and is much quicker to respond to the controls this time around. There’s also a nice change up in the mini-game role – in addition to new sniper scenes, you also get a couple of short levels that look pretty much exactly like Rad Racer or Road Blaster. They’re cool.

Despite ALL of those huge improvements, I just can’t fawn over this game like I can Top Secret Episode. The gameplay was rough, the graphics were a real mixed bag, and the music was good but fairly beepy and basic. None of those things mattered though, not once you got into the story. It was fairly complex, dramatic, and adult in its tone. That mix of “charming” (read: ugly and primitive but familiar and inviting) presentation with a heavy and serious plot featuring adults that act like adults still makes it a completely absorbing title. It was powerful, and more than enough reason to adapt to the game’s funky way of doing everything.

The Mafat Conspiracy fixes just about everything that was objectively wrong with the first game (well, not EVERYTHING. Those f***ing mazes are here, too), and breaks the one thing that made it so special. This has flair and panache, but there’s no real substance to it – it’s go here, go there, ahh terrorism – without any of that intangible magic X factor that made the first a classic. It feels more…perfunctory. Even the sex scene, which is hilariously awkward. The ugly chick fails at being hot or seductive – no iron curtain metaphors for sex, no discussing the isolation of life, nothing. She’s basically like, “I’m bored. Bang me.” It’s too tacky and awkward. At least, I think so. The gaudiness of the colors in that cutscene don’t help to lend it any sense of gravity, either.

So, it’s a good game, for sure. It’s just no where near the heart behind it. If you go into it not expecting a sequel to Top Secret Episode, or if you haven’t played TSE, there’s a lot to like here. If you’re hoping for more of the same, you’ll probably be disappointed.

On a side note – if you like this game but wish it didn’t have mazes, you ought to check out Secret Ties ( It was never released, but prototypes have been leaked of it, and it’s pretty much a Golgo 13 game stripped of the license and the sniper rifle. It feels VERY similar to The Mafat Conspiracy, but it plays better and ditches the mazes.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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28 thoughts on “Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. they use the same exact music in SO many scenes in this, compared to the original. I find that quite a letdown.

  2. I disliked this game and LOVE the original, and I hate how the music in this game sounds. WAY WAY better in the original, BUT, that's just me.

  3. I guess everyone who played this bought it used. The game manual has maps for every maze level in it that makes them very easy to get through.

  4. I've seen "The Professional Golgo 13" which I still have on DVD, and I've seen "Golgo 13: Queen Bee" on YouTube.

  5. What's the deal with Togo gunning down a skeleton Jesus at the start of each level? I guess it has something to do with the codename Golgo (Golgotha was where Jesus was crucified) but it's still weird to see in an NES game.

  6. I was way to young when I played this, so I didn't appreciate the for for how good it was… Understood the scene when the lights go out in the hotel apartment though. Guess I was seven/eight years old.

  7. This game is in my top 10 best NES games of all time. Love Golgo 13! And if any of you guys watch anime? The 82 anime called the professional Golgo 13 is damn classic masterpiece

  8. Damn, those first-person mazes sure used to be popular back in the day for some reason (padding, perhaps?). I used to own this game back in the day, but could never make any heads or tails out of it. Btw, have you considered ever doing Sweet Home, especially now that a new, much better translation patch is available? 🙂 That could be a potentially good idea for a PiT I believe!

  9. I would love a new modern game come out, get Rebellion to do it, they have the engine, because it'd be a cel shaded Sniper Elite, wouldn't be to hard to develop.

  10. I use to own this as a kid in the early-90s(like some of the ones I may have mentioned in previous videos), but never knew of an OVA anime had existed until 2002 at a friend's house, and the manga no sooner than the early Pat The NES Punk videos.

    I've ALWAYS had trouble by the 2nd stage, then gave up. Not even Game Genie helped me. And this was before walkthroughs were a thing.

    I may attempt to retry this for myself in the near future. But the cut scenes…the best 8-Bit anime I've ever witnessed in an NES game next to the Ninja Gaiden trilogy.

    The one cut scene that creeped me out when I was 6 was the same thing you see before the stage started. The skeleton getting sniper shot in a blaze of hellfire. I thought it was gonna kill me once…but never did. It goes up there with the dude that had a lawnmower blade in his face from The Head. Nightmare fuel all the way.

    Now, I would expect this from a chiptune death metal music video.

    The graphics more polished than Top Secret Mission. And hard to believe this came from the same developer as Kid Kool, Decap-Attack, & Psycho Fox.

    Gotta love Vic Tokai for NES getting gritty in the late-80s/early-90s.

  11. Stop uploading great content! you are making me look bad lol jk. Keep up the amazing work and I love logging on and seeing new content from this channel!

  12. Golgo 13 drinking game: Everytime Duke goes " . . . . " , drink a shot. Wins whoever is still standing.

  13. I love how casual he walks down the street, with his hands in his pockets, with people shooting at him. XD

  14. Please tell me how you figured out the maze levels. I had the game since I was 17 and I can't figure that damn first maze out. I seen the instruction booklet BUT it makes no sense.

  15. The Mafat Conspiracy is a great action game if you ignore the mazes and aren't expecting an awesome plot like the original game had. Between the better graphics, the Rad Racer and sniper mini-stages, and the totally gratuitous violence at a few points, it's quite a fun game to obsess over. If you can deal with the mazes, that is.

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