Game Grumps Animation – Weed Brownies – by Brandon Turner

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30 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animation – Weed Brownies – by Brandon Turner

  1. I know I'm five years late, but I like how each time he eats a brownie the redness of his eyes increases.

  2. My Step-Brother had mates over and they made pot brownies and put the leftovers in a container on the fridge, and i thought they were normal brownies, so i are like 16 and crashed.

    i was/am 16.

  3. I LOVE that Dan played morrowind in his younger days and I would kill to have it be a series where Dan plays it.

  4. I ate a lot of brownies once. They weren't pot brownies, but I felt REALLY sick after eating what, like, ten of my mother's rich fudge brownies.

  5. I was present at the making of weed brownies and them being made into butter made me throw up. Like they must’ve been made wrong, to smell that bad.

  6. once i got insanely high off a weed gummy at a friend’s house, she owned a VR headset and the FNAF game so i decided ‘i’m not in the right mindset to play this, but let’s do it anyway!’, i didn’t even get the chance to start bc i was so mesmerized by the snowflakes in the waiting room with the ‘start’ button.

  7. I remember when my Friend accidentally brought weed cookies on our camping trip and all I know is we sat on the bus laughing our ass's off,I had eaten basically half of all the cookies and I just sat there letting out the occasional giggle and my friends laughing at me because how fucking high I was, it was great.

  8. I feel sorry for all the people who watch this and don't know what even one pot brownie is like. You'll trip hard for hours. Eating 39 is unfathomable. Can we just once appreciate how fucking metal Dan is?

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