Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

If you are having problems with realtek audio driver then this video is for you. Sometimes your Realtek HD Audio Manager can have a issue after a windows update, sometimes uninstalling the driver with revo uninstaller and then reinstalling will resolve the issue. Follow these step by step guide on fixing / repair Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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34 thoughts on “Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

  1. Bruh i accidentally deleted it from my computer and now my headphone jack doesn't work and I can't get it back for some reason.

  2. I have the files from realtek in the described directory, but the programs inside don't seem to do anything. Even the services don't show up in task manager, I'm not even getting any error messages. I've even tried to run as administrator, does absolutely nothing.

  3. W10 and professional Audio usage is a clear nogo, to much problem, to much interference from the os
    it works with 5.1 film .. but never try to get multichannel soundcards working for mixing

  4. I have no idea how I fixed this if If I'll be honest. Maybe the update #2 worked, however when this was done Audio manager wouldn't appear nor even open when browsing the folder. Then the cab file sollution was really confusing, because you never told us how to install them properly. I was on the verge of giving up so I took desperate actions. Downloaded the Audio manager exe file manually. I moved original file to the other folder (so it could be preserved during the replacement). Still though, it didn't work, didn't run. So I returned the original file once again into the folder. And guess what? I clicked on it and it started working again, it opened the manager!. I have never been so confused in all my life. Then I clicked that Ravcpl64 and now it's on Control Panel again. (It's like the only thing it required for me is to move the file from the folder and return it again. I have not known stranger days)

  5. This worked for me. I went into device manager and found realtek HD audio under sound, right-clicked for properties, chose to update the driver using the drivers located on my computer. I found that I had a few different sets of drivers. The 2019 drivers did not work, but I also had 2016 drivers which did work. This brought the Realtek HD Audio Manager back into my control panel. Thanks for your help.

  6. i have the file you have but none of them say exe at the end and when i try to run as administrator it still wont pop up.

  7. Realteck drivers are just really bad , uninstall them and restart your computer and Windows 10 will use its own HD audio drivers and you won't have any more trouble.

  8. June 20th 2020 update: If you go to windows updating and install the new windows 10 version 2004, after doing all the updating, (about 1 hr), windows will have installed the new Realtek HD audio drivers that work with windows 10. I have 6 gaming rigs and everyone had the Realtek not showing problem. When I did the windows 10 2004 version update, all gaming rigs now have the Realtek hd audio program running and showing so you can use the equalizer, and all sound adjustment settings including the 5.1 channel room adjustment settings..

  9. How to install drivers when they are in zip file and the install file is not working, just turning a black screen?

  10. nopw doesnt work for windows 10 tried installing it, and it doesnt change from mic to audo mixer for youtube videos to play videos on my pc.. I want it to play music instead of using my mic.. Not working like it use to work when i had windows 7, and now that i got windows 10 alot of issues.. I paid for several programs and still doesnt work.. Stupid firmora, and AVS Audio Editor

  11. I get a feeling that Microsoft cunts intentionally fucked with this OS deliberately wanting to squeeze pennies out of users. I have MSI 450 gaming pro motherboard and realtek equalizer is nonexisting. But at volume control they made sure there are 2 functional options to visit Microsoft Store to purchase audio plugins 👌 Twats.

  12. If you guys have a "!" sign next to your high definition audio bus in the Device manager window, this worked for me: Update drivers, chose manually, ask windows to propose usuable drivers and take the second one for both of the audio bus drivers. Magic!

  13. i was doing a bit of uninstalling not reading the stuff then apparently i've uninstalled realtek and geforce

  14. the first option fixed my issue that i hear audio just from one speaker now i hear audio from 2 speakers 😀 Thanks britec

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