Fix Problem Ejecting Usb Mass Storage Device.This Device Is Currently In Use-Windows 10,8

fix problem ejecting usb mass storage device windows 10-this device is currently in use-problem with usb hub-usb ports.


I get the following error notification while try to eject my pendrive :

Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

This device is currently in use.Close any programs or windows that might be using the device,and then try again.


Problem ejecting usb attached scsi (uas) mass storage device


This solution also works in windows 8.1,windows 8 and windows 7.

This trick is new one 2018 released and this video solve your all cannot eject issues.

The reason of this error is the usb ports or problem with usb hub is not getting detected or the program is still using it.

So you can check your all usb connection in manually.


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how to fix problem ejecting usb mass storage device generic volume cannot be stopped :

1.First method is to restart your windows explorer by goto task manager and then click that arrow icon.

2.Here locate that windows explorer and then click to end task.

3.After the sometime again restart this service,by goto file menu and then select “Run new task”.

4.Here you can type explorer and then click to ok.

5.Next method is to uninstall the problem occurred usb driver,by right click on your this pc icon.

6.And then goto “Properties,here you can select “Device manager” and then click to open “Universal serial bus controllers”.

7.In this section locate that usb mass storage device and click to uninstall it.

8.Once restart your computer or laptop,after the restarting is completed goto “Devices and printers” settings.

9.In this section you can locate your usb pendrive and click to “Remove this device” option.

10.Finally you can safely remove usb from pc windows 10.



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31 thoughts on “Fix Problem Ejecting Usb Mass Storage Device.This Device Is Currently In Use-Windows 10,8

  1. Sorry man …but it's not helping me..I'm using old laptop's formatted hard disk to save videos and pics but after playing videos from external HDD i always fails to eject it

  2. waaay to many steps. right click on start, chose disk mgmt, find your usb drive, right click, and select offline

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