Doodle Doods – Akiro – Episode 10 [feat. Krooked_Glasses]

You remember Akiro.
Drawing personnel in this episode
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36 thoughts on “Doodle Doods – Akiro – Episode 10 [feat. Krooked_Glasses]

  1. god i just ADORE amber's art style, she fuels my love for sharp angles n bright colors n kinda zany vibes

    also i FINALLY watched akira the other day (im bad at watching movies IM SORRY) and this video is so much fucking funnier to me now than when i last watched it maybe like a year ago

  2. There was something about the way Chris said "Ryan, show us your thing" that really spoke to me for some reason.

  3. I watched this video 2 years ago and just watched AKIRA an hour ago, I can appreciate this on such a higher level now

  4. Amber putting Canada(I forget if that's how you spell their name, but, fuck it, that's how imma write it) on a tricycle makes me think of Billie Eilish because of the pose and what not and I just XD

  5. Dammit I miss Deedle Dods, I wish they could have gotten Dan on before they stopped. I just wanna hear him react to Chris’ Eldridge horrors

  6. Holy shit Krooked Glasses?! :0 my second favorite artist :0(I’m sorry par0llel is always gonna be my favorite)

  7. I love how Kaneda is on the cover and Akira is the name of the film
    My first impression was that he was Akira

    Boy was I wrong

    Rods and chris literally drawing the same thing smh

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