BTS Profile 2020

BTS Profile 2019. And BTS Profile 2020 Updated. Learn about BTS (방탄소년단 ) profile including member names, positions, birth dates etc.

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25 thoughts on “BTS Profile 2020

  1. I'm new to bts but I heard that one of them wanted to have another position but then learned to rap bc ha saw "the other member" absolutely wanting this position (yeah I don't even know there names haha)

  2. Jimin doesn’t like spinach (Run BTS ep. 65) 😂 I suddenly remembered their debate about the mint chocolate😂😂😂😂 that episode literally killed me because I laughed so hard😂😂😂

  3. I am old army, what I know is the leader's stage name was Rap Monster, but why now his stage name become RM?

  4. Wait.. What?! V is a lead dancer? How did u know? I am a 3 years army but I only know that V is a vocalist and a 2nd visual… Huh? Please notice me…

  5. Me 2019? Late army 😔💜
    I love you BTS 💜
    Kim Namjoon 💜
    Kim Seokjin 💜
    Min Yoongi 💜
    Jung Ho Seok 💜
    Park Jimin 💜
    Kim Taehyung 💜
    Jeon Jeong-guk 💜
    BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. RM – Namjoon – Leader,Main Rapper

    Jin – SeokJin – Vocalist,Visual

    Suga – Yoongi – Lead Rapper

    J-Hope – Hoseok – Main Dancer,Rapper,Sub Vocalist

    Jimin – Jimin – Main Dancer,Lead Vocalist

    V – Taehyung – Lead Dancer,Vocalist,Visual

    Jungkook – Jungkook – Main Vocalist,Lead Dancer,Sub Rapper,Maknae

  7. Faz de outros grupos anjo, assim você pode ajudar várias pessoas que não conhecem direito os grupos

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