Bros vs. Drinking Games

Dom and Brad compete in the Bro Down Show Down.


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46 thoughts on “Bros vs. Drinking Games

  1. I'm re-watching the good old ones.. I hope that inspiration hits Dom soon (his rent is due) and Brad ditches his sister Sommer for some time so that we get a new episode.

  2. Brad you dark horse .. you never wanna do a shotty with Stevewilldoit :/ you always back out you fake weight lifting b**tch 😂

  3. The Titanic wasn't called the Titanic at first the Titanic was switched with another boat that boat that was switched was now then the Titanic they MEANT To sink it to get money the fake Titanic kept falling apart so they took pieces of the Titanic but they thought it was gonna get worse so they sent the fake one out like I said to get money soo if u payed attention the one that was underwater was called the Olympic something so yeah the ones that sinked wasn't the Titanic I proved u wrong enjoy the facts

  4. the way they are both holding it horizontal after finishing it makes me doubt whether the can is empty! 🙁

  5. I only play water pong with side beer when its outside like on the patio or like garage. And when theres dog hair everywhere

  6. Never bet against a first time beer pong player,.. beginners luck is a real thing !! Would love to have a beer with you guys ! Yall are awesome !

  7. I'm sorry my words didn't come out right I watch these weights guys because I like it just me you know some tips on it and I like I got some weight bench are you home and and I work out

  8. Dom should have been up 3 – 1 from the first round. He won both rounds and beat his benchmark…Brad is keeping points from Unc

  9. Hey Dom I think you need to call the make a wish foundation… I think that anorexic child is perfectly healthy and just faked it to keep hanging out with you. Like it's been awhile and she's still kicking

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