Bonkers (Genesis) – Full Playthrough

(Stage/Round List)
Harry the Handbag’s Stage – 0:56
The Rat’s Stage – 23:59
Mr. Big’s Stage – 43:14
Ma Tow Truck’s Stage – 1:01:46
Ending & Credits – 1:29:04
Welp… this one took some time mainly because I played this on Hard Mode which throws 15 ROUNDS at you per stage.

Yes, another classic game on the good old Genesis although it’s a difficult one depending on the stage you picked. Then in that stage depending on what difficultly you have set *In this case… Hard Mode.* you have to go through 15 Rounds in that stage in order to fully clear it. After Rounds 3, 6, 9, and 12 you’ll enter a Bonus Stage to earn a Extra Life if you’re lucky. *Or to replace a lost Disney Artifact in Harry the Handbag’s stage.*

Some glitches appear here such as the Lives Counter which if it goes above 9 it glitches up. I guess the Devs forgot to set a cap or something and I kinda got worried that the game would crash if it loaded something invalid.

Invalid Passwords appear during Ma Tow Truck’s stage after Round 6 and beyond where it displays a blank in one of the slots. It is IMPOSSIBLE to set a blank slot on the Password Screen thus marking these passwords useless if you wish to continue from where you left off at that point, however… that may apply for the other stages if it were the last stage that you have to clear.


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23 thoughts on “Bonkers (Genesis) – Full Playthrough

  1. The music for Ma Tow Truck's stage is my favorite. It fits the theme well and it is really cool how Bonkers gets to drive a police car!

  2. I have beat this game on all 3 difficulties and this game is definitely pretty difficult if you play on normal or hard.

  3. Nostalgia just smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks (no pun intended here XD) Great memories 🙂

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