Bakugan Tournament Final Match! | BAKU-SHOWDOWN

Baku-Showdown is the only Bakugan battling show featuring the craziest match-ups, the most skilled brawlers and weirdest battles you’ve ever seen! In this episode, it’s a battle between two well-known members of the Bakugan community – The finalists of the AA Pre-Release – Shogunate and GhostLights!

Check out my card opening video:

Special thanks to Collected!

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JettKuso is produced as a side-project of Red Swordfish Studios.

All music and logos are owned by Spin Master, Sega, Takara Tomy and TMS Entertainment. Jett Kuso’s name and image are the copyright of Red Swordfish Studios, all rights reserved.


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27 thoughts on “Bakugan Tournament Final Match! | BAKU-SHOWDOWN

  1. I started laughing uncontrollably when Jett mimics VK's voice lmao. "Hey brawlers, it's Ventus Knight here! Welcome to a new video of Super Brawl Sunday XD"

  2. So I have to adjust to new bakugan I’m use to my old school battle brawlers with my gate cards and proper fields

  3. Almost threw my computer across the room when the blinding ink got blinding inked

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