A day in the life of a product designer at Uber

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Hey friend! Welcome to this day in the life WFH edition! I have tried to be as transparent as possible with you in this video, showing you all the different kind of work I get up to during the day. While I couldn’t show you my actual design project work, I talk you through what I’m doing and what the key moments of my day are. Hope it helps you get an idea of what a typical day is like as a product designer 🙂

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0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – Getting ready for the day
1:19 – Starting my workday
2:14 – User Research Session
3:06 – Breakfast + goals for the day
4:22 – Deep Work design time
5:10 – Product Working Session
6:40 – Lunch + Design Prioritisation Session
7:21 – Quick walk + talk
9:01 – Checkpoint 4 Meeting
9:26 – Design QA’ing
11:44 – End of day wrap up

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29 thoughts on “A day in the life of a product designer at Uber

  1. Thanks for sharing and I agree 10000% about the focus blocks of time. It’s imperative to not be continuously distracted when you are in the creative zone☺️

  2. Hi There, Awesome vlog!! I'm Product design too, working from home. But i start my day with tea. I like the way you spend your day. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! I just graduated with an HCI degree and this is definitely helpful for what to expect in a job setting. I want to also add, I’m a tad worried about your smoothie ingredients, as a fellow morning smoothie person. Id strongly suggest switching out some fruit for veggies, because you’re likely getting too much sugar with only fruit. Plus veggies generally provide more positive benefits you’re not getting with the fruit! I personally like to do 2/3 veggies, 1/3 fruit and I usually use California blend and kale. It doesn’t taste as good, but you’ll likely “feel” better. Plus less sugar is always a good thing 🙂

  4. Hey Femke – that 8:00 walk and chat is SO true for new designers. New subscriber gained. Really enjoyed this video. I work in tech too.. Finding fellow tech youtubers is refreshing 😀

  5. I learn Industrial designer in The university and I learn english at academy, IT's a pleasure to make you acquaintance, You are nice, I tried to understood everything but probably I"ll watch again

  6. The checkpoint concept is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also noticed that you have a "not too spacy" desk setup. What is your decluttering strategy to cope with this?

  7. I’m also a product designer and this is definitely a very realistic overview of my day 2 day as well!!! Lots of meetings and slack conversations

  8. I'm a UI/UX designer for a company called Zoovu. We build ai-based digital assistants for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Bed Bath & Beyond, Trek Bikes, Canon, and a bunch of others. I'd love to start making videos like this, I just need to find things that are exciting enough to talk about without discussing confidential stuff.

  9. Complete newbie here…for the life of me never found anything as more enjoyable as product designing. 😁

  10. So gorgeous so cuteeee…greetings from an illustrator and graphics designer…India.💕💕💕😁🌻🌻🌻stay safe pal.

  11. Digital Designer and photographer here, my struggle is getting up and taking breaks. Get thrown so many projects. From animations, social media designs, UI designs to doing photography stuff.

  12. You DNA & early brain development will define what your creative thinking style is. The inventive risk taking and able to thrive in uncertainty and change minds tend to be less organised than those who prefer lots of structure and rules to govern their actions. You cannot model a behaviour that is not your brain imprint type that is why you will always fall back to your natural mode. If you are an inventor and innovator your focus should be on effectiveness. If you are more operational you tend to be more focused on efficiency. So how this lady works does not mean it is your natural operandi modus. Find out what what makes you tick and work to that standard to the best of your ability.

  13. I'm a UX Designer, working from home, literally the first 60-seconds made me feel so bad, you start your day so healthily!

  14. amazing video, as a PD, is your main task to interview users, prototype and build features for apps and web.. ? how would you add new features? and test them? thanks.. please keep posting..

  15. Hey, it sure was interesting to watch a day of yours. Can you please tell me why you work on Figma and not in Sketch or XD? Thanks.

  16. Thanks for your video!! I realize that your day is similar to mine. Can't say that I'm officially a product designer (role position) but somewhere between in UX/UI – product design, and I relief that I'm not alone in that feeling of "many session" per day to define new products/status, etc. I was wondering how many projects you work at the same time? Actually, I'm dealing with be assign in at least 4 projects (definition stage) and lead a design team. It is a kind of challenge for me.

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