500 k Agario Lobby? Agar.io Hacked Gameplay

Today agar.io was very weird! Every agar server was crowded and the lobby had about 200-800k mass each!!! Was agario hacked? I did not manage it to get a new agario world record gameplay because the server crashed but i got an insane highscore of 70k+ mass with a random TYT teammate 🙂 I will make a video to the agar.io update with new skins soon as well!

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47 thoughts on “500 k Agario Lobby? Agar.io Hacked Gameplay

  1. Y’all remember back in the day when agar.io was the best game out? and remember all the sick tricks u could do

  2. Ohhh I remember this I was the TYT SIRIUS guy i had like over 100k mass and i lagged out the game by far the best game of my life lol

  3. Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the disconnected Sirius stayed alive for so long?

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