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Derma PromedicsDerma Promedics :- I recently looked at the mirror and all I could see was the wrinkled face staring back at me. Has this happened to you? Then you might be able to relate to what I must be feeling at that moment. How did this happen, what should I do now were all these questions poking me from the back of my mind.

Few of my friends who opted for face lifts always seem to complain about one thing for sure apart from the expensive factor, it sometimes comes with persistent pain and in some cases, and they even have felt frozen face. The fear on their face was enough for me to opt out of any surgery in future.

Looking at some anti-aging creams and serums in the market confused my mind so much that I ended up buying so many products which right now apart from taking my vanity space didn’t show much of the difference on my face.

Here comes my dermatologist’s suggestion she told me to look for the anti-aging serum which should have collagen boosters in it, which naturally works in reversing the signs of aging from your face. When asked about any specific product she recommended to topically apply Derma Promedics for some time. It is an anti-wrinkle serum claims to provide results better than Botox and works naturally with your skin cells. Continue reading my review to know how true this serum stand to its claim 

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Why our skin ages?

Blame it on pollution and the increasing level of stress in our lives, they all impact the elasticity we once had when we were young. This causes the collagen in our skin to drop. It is present in the connective tissue and is the foremost reason why our skin looks sculpted and luminous when we are in our 20s. Its production is in abundance in the 20s but like I said above, pollution, stress, improper diet causes the natural production of collagen to take a dip. Result? Moisture in our skin starts diminishing causes to first dry out skin and then later starts forming wrinkles on the whole face and before you know it fine lines, crow’s feet all starts showing on your face and makes you look dull and gradually once youthful looking face starts looking aged and old. Derma Promedics can help your skin to maintain its firmness and also able to impart the youthful vibrant glow.

Continue reading to know what this serum can do and what benefits you can expect after using

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Overview of What Derma Promedics is all about

Derma Promedics, is an age defying solution which is capable of helping you to restore your skin’s natural collagen for the suppler look. You will notice tighter and firmer skin with continued usage. It smoothens the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet from your face and also corrects hyperpigmentation. It is capable of strengthening your skin’s defense mechanism to protect your skin from free radicals. Its effective formulation when soaked through your skin, is capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkle density and fine lines from your face. It will give you firm and sculpt looking face which looks healthy and plump.

Its ingredients like peptides are already present in our skin but weakens when aging takes a toll on our face, they help in stimulating collagen in the skin which eventually will give you youthful complexion. The ingredients are chosen on the basis of what boost collagen into the skin. Like I have discussed above, collagen is the foremost requirement need of our skin and anyone who wish to have young skin will get benefited from increased level of collagen in the skin. It is safer than a Botox. This injection-free solution is capable of giving you younger looking skin

Ingredients in Derma Promedics formulation 

Matrixyl 3000:-It is a combination of two peptides one is palmitoyl oligopeptide and other is palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and both of them work synergistically mimicking the appearance of broken down collagen to signal the brain to make more collagen. Thus, they both helps to stimulate the production of collagen into the skin.

This helps in reducing the wrinkles on your face and minimize the production of fine lines. It also stimulates collagen synthesis which helps in repairing skin and maintain the elastin in the skin. This ingredient treats the root causes of aging.

Matrikines:-It is a short sequence of amino acids and peptide. It regulates skin cell activity which assists your skin to double the amount of collagen or protein needed to give your skin its elasticity thereby increasing the elastin production.

Retinyl palmitate: – It gets converted into retinol when other ingredients of Derma Promedics combined together. Collagen and elastin are present in the dermis layer of the skin, this ingredient is so effective in penetrating deeper into the skin to repair the damage done to them due to long exposure to the sun. It helps in cell regeneration within the skin which forces the skin that is the upper dermal layer to produce the new cells.

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How should I apply this anti-aging serum? 

  • STEP1:- First wash your face with a gentle cleanser to clear away any toxins or dirt accumulated in a day. When you are done with it, pat it dry with a towel.
  • STEP 2:- Spritz few sprays of this facial serum on your entire face including neck and massage it in a circular motion and give Derma Promedics facial serum a minute to finally sink into your face.

What are the benefits of using this serum?

  • Instantly absorbs into the skin without drying out the skin
  • Derma Promedics provides quick hydration to moisturize your skin and keep the blood circulating into the skin.
  • With continued usage, it will help to reverse the signs of aging from your face.

The only limitation it has is

  • Available online only
  • It cannot be used by anyone under 18 

Any precautionary measures do I need to keep in mind?

  • Always wash your face before applying this serum as bacteria on our face when gets in contact with this serum might cause another problem on your skin
  • When applying onto the skin, make sure it won’t get into the eyes and if it does, immediately rinse your eyes. Seek medical attention if its problems persist
  • It is strictly meant to apply on a mature skin, so keep it away from the reach of children
  • To prevent the contamination of ingredients, keep it away from the exposure of direct sunlight for this store it in a dark cabinet
  • If you have any scar or very sensitive skin, do consult your dermatologist before adding Derma Promedics into your skin care regimen

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What others have been saying about this serum? 

  • Ashly, 30 I am so happy to found my “it” anti-aging product which I have been searching for a while and almost lost hope in finding one. Derma Promedics really works in lessening the fine lines around my face and also gives my face the plump looking appearance. It’s amazing how this serum fits right into the budget and I don’t have to opt for expensive surgeries. It’s like mini facelift.
  • Miley, 32 I had such a beautiful skin but it all withered away after a while when I crossed the 30 age. This anti-aging cream removed the fine lines and wrinkles from my face and smoothened the appearance of crow’s feet. It also works great as an under eye serum. I am amazed to see how it lifts my eye to give the wide eye look.

Are there, if any, downsides? 

None from my side. Derma Promedics didn’t cause me any side effects rather it helped me to improve my skin texture and really gave me the skin I have wanting for so long. It is not a short term fix for your aging skin like Botox. It works like Botox but more effectively and in a safe way.

Final verdict

My personal experience with this serum is amazing. I like the fact Derma Promedics doesn’t dry out my skin so flakiness I have experienced with other anti-aging serums is not there. It goes on smoothly and instantly absorbs into the skin.

I personally won’t like to apply anything on my face which only claims “better than Botox” but won’t provide any information about its content list. But with this, I don’t have to worry anything as to back up its claim, they have mentioned all their ingredient list on their official website which comes from a high-quality source.

From where to buy? 

Derma Promedics is exclusively available online. To make a purchase of this anti-aging serum, click the link below.

Derma Promedics review

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